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  1. Mr Tomato

    Filter blockage theory.

    Hi .. Over the years I noticed sponge filters suffer from reduced flowage due to the usual. But none were impacted as much as those tanks containing bog wood or driftwood. Thought I'd look into it. Extracting some Tanin ladened scrapings from the four week old sponge .. I found under the...
  2. Mr Tomato

    Gravel Vac controversy

    Question later, but first.. Everywhere in the hobby it's said over n over.. gravel vac. But the strangest thing is.. when we see on YouTube.. Dan Hitshew, ..Father Fish, and a few others, not gravel vac-ing, and there are the fish, shrimps, snails, all thriving and breeding sucssefully too...
  3. Mr Tomato

    Fish 'Can' see colour.

    After changing over from flourecent. To. LED lighting, I was having a real time of it deciding what colour to select in one of the tanks. The white cloud and other mountain Minnow were proving to be a tad shy that day and I tried firstly to dim the light. No affect. Blue? They came out a little...
  4. Mr Tomato

    Eheim Pickup: Modification.

    Hi. It's.been a while... Anyway. I recently modified an Eheim Pickup 160. Although told.cant be done.. cut out center prong half way down.. inserted Bio home gravel in net. After cutting sponge in half. So, can be done. Works just fine. The other way if you're desperate for 'cintered glass bio...
  5. Mr Tomato

    Harmonica in the breeze

    Recently I did upload an interesting couple of videos showing my trickle filter innovation a relaunch of the undergravel filter. With the addition of Bio Home Media and its brilliant Nitrate controlling properties
  6. Mr Tomato

    Bacteria Continued

    Blooming, with new gravel In a complete new set-up-'when bloom is on', -should one continue to add 'Filter start' as directed on the box? every 2 days until completion of suggested dosage or leave out the extra-until the bloom has settled? This is not written down on instruction leaflet. ta...
  7. Mr Tomato

    Pets At Home

    Where most fish swim upside down, half eaten fin-less fish lay on the gravel wondering when their time will come to go to that great aquarium in the sky. The staff in my opinion are either too young and inexperienced , poorly trained, or negligent. In any case, Pets at Home ,Enfield Has to clean...
  8. Mr Tomato

    Siamese Twins

    In one of my community tanks I have broken the rules on keeping Siamese Fighting fish. No reads the book! NO! not 2 Male Siamese Fighters in the same aquarium. So how am I getting away with it? It's the trusty old mirror trick again. 2 thinly cut mirrors either side of the tank towards the back...
  9. Mr Tomato

    Did You Loop Them?

    Hey .. Did you loop them? Good question, But what the 'Clown-fish' does it mean? I'm talking about the leads and airlines at the back of your aquarium. Its a great idea, having a non-return valve on that Air pump line. But did you know about the electric leads? The Heater-Lights-power heads...
  10. Mr Tomato

    Angled Heaters

    Here’s an interesting thought..’Aquarium heaters; they often tell you to place heaters at an angle at the rear of the tank. Many years ago, I began experimenting with new ideas. I never liked the heater in the angled position. It looked odd to me, stuck there in an untidy way. I found it almost...
  11. Mr Tomato

    Noisy Power Head Bubbles

    If you are using under gravel filter plates with a power head, some power heads have an optional top air intake. This can be noisy and annoying. fitting a small air stone to a piece of airline cut to fit, and just sticking out above the waterline not only takes out the bubble noise but reduces...
  12. Mr Tomato

    Mysterious Fish Deaths

    It was brought to my attention some years ago, that a certain pet store' in the London area, had its total fish population wiped out in just a matter of one week. It was Sept 1986, and on visiting I saw that all the tanks in the shop were'Lights-off'. After posing a question to him, he said, "...
  13. Mr Tomato

    Under Gravel Vs Power Filters

    I must be bias maybe. Never having lost a single fish using this system, except from old age. Is it me' or are these new fancy doo-da's full of bath sponge-- that sit in the corner of our aquariums..intrusive? menacing? ugly? and a total let down? I have a collection in my fish cupboard of these...