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  1. Circus

    Panda Garra Compatibility

    I have a 29 gallon tank (30×12×18) with a trio of Dwarf Chain Loaches in it. Unfortunately I cannot get more any time soon from my LFS (six months or more). The tank also has a group of Sparkling Gourami and 3 otocinclus. Ph 7.4 and hardness 110ppm. The tank has been set up for over 2 years. My...
  2. Circus

    Shell Dweller Apartment

    So, I made a wall of shell for my N. Multifasciatus. We'll have to see if they will use this shell dweller apartment.
  3. Circus

    Fahaka Puffer Potential Tank Mates?

    For a 48 inch long 100 gallon aquarium, ph 7.4 , and110 ppm hwrdness. So, as far as I know, Fahaka Puffers should be kept alone. Can they be kept peacefully with other fish? Someone brought it up recently that some large puffer species can be kept with other fish.
  4. Circus

    Can I use a Fluval 307?

    I am growing out a Fahaka Puffer, and he is about the size of a pea right now, and just started his week qt in my 10 gallon hospital tank. His final tank is 100 gallons, so with only the single fish in the tank, with plants, can I use a fluval 307, or will a 407 be needed? I plan on also...
  5. Circus

    Green Phantom Breeding Project

    This will record my journey in (hopefully) breeding green phantom plecos, L200.
  6. Circus

    Rainbow Cichlid w/ Rhombo Barbs

    Are these two species compatible? I saw the Rhombos at my LFS, and really like the look of them. I now have 2 Rainbow Cichlids in my 90 gallon, and would like a medium sized shoaling fish with them. I had to get rid of my orange chromides in the tank as the chromides were picking on the...
  7. Circus

    Sump? Canister? Sponge Filter?

    So, I recently purchased a 90bgallon acrylic tank, that was originally used as a saltwater tank. It did not come with a sump/filter, but has the fitting for it(I believe). What do I need to get this tank going (freshwater) other than a good cleaning.
  8. Circus

    Skinny Male Pearl Gourami

    So, I have been waiting to see my gourami for a few months, and the signs of sexual maturity have been approaching for a bit. It comes out that I have 2 males and 3 females based upon coloration and interactions. One of the males is starting to look thinner than the other gourami, and I am...
  9. Circus

    Multiple Generation Breeding

    So, I just had a 2nd generation of Neolamprologus Multifasciatus, or Multi Shell Dwellers, born into my tank. Up until now it had only been the original trio (1M 2F) breeding. I added more shells last week and tonight saw itty bitty fry swimming around. I realize now that I will have to get...
  10. Circus

    Turn spare tank into sump/filter?

    So, I am getting to the point of switching most of my tanks from smaller to larger set ups. This is mostly so I can move around my apartment and not have to squeeze between tanks. I am loath to get rid of my double tank stands, but also do not want to keep up on maintenance on so many small...
  11. Circus

    Figure 8 Puffer Eating Flakes?

    So, I didn't get a chance to snap a pic, but my brackish tank has a pair of figure 8 puffers and some assorted young livebearers. The puffers get snails or frozen food every other day. I put flake in every other day for the other fish on opposite days. I saw one of my puffers slurping up the...
  12. Circus

    What is Needed For Breeding Green Phantom Plecos

    So I recently acquired a pair of 4 foot 55 gallon aquariums. I want to use one to breed L200 Green Phantom Plecos. What all do I need? I am going to be using a standard filter (with a prefilter sponge) and led light. A power head (also with prefilter sponge) and an air powered sponge filter. A...
  13. Circus

    What is Reasonable for Used Tanks?

    I am looking at some 4 and 6 foot tanks used, online. Some set ups seem reasonable, until I look at prices elsewhere that are cheaper. What are used tanks going for in your areas?
  14. Circus

    Pictus Catfish Tank

    Would a 90 gallon 4 foot tank be suitable for a group of pictus catfish? If so, what are some good tankmates to make a peaceful community around them? My ph is at 7.4 and hardness around 110 ppm. The tank is currently housing a trio of orange chromides, and decorated with rocks, driftwood, and...
  15. Circus

    Will it work?

    I was thinking of getting some slim posts (plastic or bamboo) to use to anchor a bunch of anubias and Java fern, see if I can't make it look like I have some leafy trees in my 55 gallon tank. I have tried some different stem plants (more than 120 stems over the last year, 75 of that in just...
  16. Circus

    What Fish Surprised You?

    I was watching my 55 gallon today at breakfast, and just marveled at how well it turned out. Going in, I fully expected my Black Ruby Barbs to be my least favorite fish in the tank. But they really add such a huge pop of color to the tank. When I got them they were pretty bland, but they have...
  17. Circus

    Large Cherry Shrimp

    My nicest looking large female shrimp. I do have others with similar or better coloring, but they tend to be smaller. She was born in my tank going on two years ago. Most of my large shrimp died when I had a tank crash. She is currently my largest red cherry shrimp as well. I only just recently...
  18. Circus

    Empty Tank, Unhappy With My Decisions

    With some of my recent tank purchases (and some upcoming trades to the fish store) my 90 gallon tank will be empty. It is a standard 48" × 18" × 24". My water is 7.4 pm and around 110 ppm hardness, so I have plenty of options. I am also willing to harden the water with lake salts if needed for...
  19. Circus

    Picked up Free Tank, Free Fish

    So I was browsing the marketplace yesterday and came upon an ad for free fish tanks. I, of course, hopped on it. Just got home after picking it up and setting it up. It turns out, she still had the fish, but would have no tanknonce I left with the last one. She offered the fish as well. I...
  20. Circus

    Are these Muppies or just XL Guppies?

    So a friend close to me bought some tanks that came with fish, which he didn't want. I said I would take them off his hands. Ot was a mixed lot of neon tetra and supposedly guppies, but two of these female are absolutely huge. I suspect they are actually a crossbreed, and therefore infertile...