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  1. Sgooosh

    Corydora covered in red splotches

    i reccomend you do that this looks like some irritation or maybe red splotch disease picture of the whole tank to see if theres any sharp deco? water parameters? added any chemichals to water?
  2. Sgooosh

    3 Compartment Sump Setup

    hmm i got some duckweed pieces in filter foam, no matter how much i blast it its stuck in there
  3. Sgooosh

    Free to collect

    just make sure that the person you give it to knows the care requirements...
  4. Sgooosh

    Free Pacu

  5. Sgooosh

    3 Compartment Sump Setup

    yeah filter foam gets stuff stuck in there really easily super hard to remove
  6. Sgooosh

    What fish?

    tbh i feel it is a misspelling of sae all the letters are super close to each other
  7. Sgooosh

    Still another case of barbel erosion. :(

    hmm what specific brand of sand? is there a photo of the whole tank? maybe some rocks or wood or stuff is sharp
  8. Sgooosh

    Still another case of barbel erosion. :(

    how old is the tank? i had this problem of irritation when my tank was new
  9. Sgooosh

    I made a mistake. 😀

    i reccomend just letting her be in the tank stress free and nature will take its course
  10. Sgooosh

    King Tiger pleco

    i've heard that plecos are territorial so that might not be a good idea
  11. Sgooosh

    Anubias with driftwood

    i cannot seem to attatch anubias to anything for some reason, so i just get the roots and put rocks or some coral rubble on them
  12. Sgooosh

    What fish and is she pregnant?

    with livebearers, they're always pregnant. once she has a square like stomach she is very close
  13. Sgooosh

    Please Mr Postman (or Please Ms Postwoman)

    cool! im looking for some small peaceful killlifish in a community tank, maybe panchax i am not good with hatching eggs so ill have to search the fish stores!
  14. Sgooosh

    Cory Catching carefully!

    this is probably a stupid option to use but i used a smooth fishstore bag
  15. Sgooosh

    Word Association Game

  16. Sgooosh

    white blotches on cory

    hello! he is kind of scared of me right now, very very elusive the spot is fading it is just some mucous since it is not fluffy or anything. only one has it can you send a photo of "rubbed down spots?" thanks
  17. Sgooosh

    white blotches on cory

    Food: i meant like an auto-feeding machine Plants: ok it is only 10 days so i will just make the tank clean and not prune any duckweed or water lettuce to have more rotten plants for food not sure how to add more plants since my tank is almost filled to the brim, should i just make a lot of...
  18. Sgooosh

    wdym? it's the new star wars!!! XD

    wdym? it's the new star wars!!! XD
  19. Sgooosh

    Does my betta have ich?

    i'd say he does, medication does not really do much to ich if the temperature is not high just raise the temperature to 86f (thanks @Byron )
  20. Sgooosh

    What chocolate are you?

    i just ate a ferrero roche... those are yummy