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    Rotting plant in 3gal tank?

    Hello all, I have this plant that appears to be rotting (the one with thin leaves, some sort of vallisneria), can anyone please help? So far, it is the only plant in my tank that seems to be rotting. Water temperature = 23 degrees Celsius, 3 gallon, no stock so far, filtered + heat with no...
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    Pleco Not Eating after Head Injury

    Hello all, I have this pleco that stopped eating after it injured its head. It seems to be starving and stuck to the side ever since -- not going back to the aquarium floor. I dropped Hikari sinking tablets but it didn't went for it. It just kept sticking onto the glass. It could have...
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    Milky White Water

    Hello, The water in my school's tank recently became milky white, as such: Water parameters: Nitrite & Nitrate: close to 0 ppm Temperature: 25 degrees C pH: 6.5 (usual ~7) kH: 50 (mg/L) gH: 90 (mg/L) It became like this all of a sudden. The tank water was clear for a month. The recent...
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    Emergency: Canister Filter Leaking from Water Inlet

    Hi, I urgently need help with my canister filter (up aqua aex 450): the filter is leaking. The leak only occurred where the water goes into the filter (where the water goes into the canister). There are no leaks anywhere else. Can anyone please tell me how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
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    Snail Identification/Removal?

    Can anyone tell me what types of snails are these? Suspect that they hitchhiked into my tank through the plants. I have no problems with them. However, there has been a recent ammonia spike. I suspect that the snails (I had no clues if they are still alive or not) have something to do with it...
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    Algae Identification/Help?

    This thing grew in my tank. Can anyone please tell me what it is, what caused it, and how to remove it? Parameters (API five-in-one test kit): 26-28 degC pH 6.3-6.5 nitrate ~15 mg/L; nitrite ~0.2 mg/L carbonate hardness ~40 mg/L general hardness ~100 mg/L water change: 50% per week* *I was...
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    Plecos keep dying

    I put this thread here as Wikipedia says that bristlenose catfish and bristlenose plecos are the same things but I'm used to calling them by the first. I used to have three bristlenose catfish in a 10-gallon tank (yes it's kinda tight but they're fine for around 1 1/2 months). I travelled...
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    Stocking advice?

    Hello, I have a 10-gallon tank. There's plenty of live plants (though I'm currently fixing the algae on it), six danios, and a bristlenose catfish (around 1 1/2 inch). Is this understocked or overstocked? If it's understocked (which most likely it's not), can anyone recommend me some...
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    How long is the danio going to live after this incident?

    I took a bit of time to re-gather myself. Please don't laugh at what I did but I was panicking. I have danios. They jump all the time, so I had my lid closed. I was doing a water change and went to get water. Meanwhile, I forget to close the lid, and a danio jumped out despite the water level...
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    What are these snails? Should I remove them?

    I recently added some new plants from my local aquarium but some snails seem to come with them. Sorry that I couldn't provide a better photo, but they are fairly small -- just around half a centimeter (around 1/5 of an inch)
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    Aquarium Plants Losing Leaves

    Can anyone please help? This plant has been shedding leaves with the new ones turning white. The stem and roots seemed to not rot yet as the plant is still standing. The tips should be the color of the last image (kinda magenta-ish). All the other plants in the tank are fine. What could...
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    How to feed cories appropriately?

    Hello all, Does anyone have tips on how to give cories the right amount of food? For me, it was hard to tell cuz they don't swim to the surface whenever I feed like danios do. I use these tablets but I often overfeed because I don't want them to starve, where the uneaten food often results in...
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    Amount of water flow (GPH) for Danios?

    Hello all, I have a 10-gallon tank with danios and live plants (which only three one-inch bristlenose cories). What is the Maximum Recommended Minimum amount of water flow? I've looked the question up on the internet and most sites say that it depends on the fish species. I've also heard...
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    Amano Shrimps?

    Hello all, I'm wondering how much extent will amano shrimps reduce algae growth and clean up remaining food on the substrate? Currently, I have eight danios, two amano shrimps, two bristlenose catfish, and one albino cory catfish in a 10-gallon tank. There are occasional leftover danios...
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    Fertilizer Problems / Green Spot Algae

    This conversation originated from this thread, but I moved the discussion here since it's becoming more of an algae problem. Tank setup: eight danios, two amano shrimps, two bristlenose catfish, and one albino cory catfish 10-gallon tank water temperature: 24-26.5 degC (75-79.7 degF) currently...
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    Danios cuddling together

    Hello all, What does it mean when my danios are cuddling together in groups of two to four rather than swimming on the surface? Fish - Imgur *images It seems like my danios aren't preferring to swim in the open area. Sometimes they get into small groups and swim along the bottom of the tank...
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    Rotten (?) aquarium plants

    I've just gotten an aquarium around 15 days ago and I've plucked a few plants in there since the beginning. Some of them are fine, but others aren't. I was initially hoping that the "rotten" plants might cure themselves after some period of time, but I didn't see any improvements (at least it...