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    Endler Guppy Free To Good Home

    Hello! We have a male endler guppy free to a good home. He is perfectly healthy as far as we can see but he has been annoying our larger, older guppies and we think that they would be better off without him. We bought him from our local LFS a few months ago. We live in Hertfordshire (UK), is...
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    Guppy with a red fin bite! Help

    Gorgeous fish :)
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    Bettas and guppies

    I wouldn't risk it
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    guppy with parasites not eating

    So sorry to hear that
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    Endler Island

    Welcome to the forum! :)
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    My Betta is missing pectoral fin

    Is he swimming as well as usual? Also, what was it that was wrong with him? Not sure I can be of much use, I don't have lots of experience in this area. He truly is a beautiful fish, I hope he improves :)
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    aggressive guppy

    Hi there, I am sorry if I came across unclear. Probably because I haven't got loads of experience with fish keeping and this forum yet. Some fish are just aggressive and there's not much you can do. I believe that isolating guppies for a few days can reduce signs of aggression, but as I have...
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    aggressive guppy

    Sometimes you just get an aggressive guppy as they all have different temperaments. I have heard people talk about isolating an aggressive fish for a little bit and then returning it to the tank, but that might just be with fish showing a little bit of aggression. Good luck :)
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    Beginners Questions

    Good luck with your tank! Was going to recommend guppies (small, pretty, fairly easy maintenance, big personality, easy to find) but they do need hard water and corries sound like a good plan. :)
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    What do you think of your fish tank?

    I love my fish to bits, but they are also a responsibility... overall just glad to have them :)
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    One fish you really want but you dont have.

    Would love a really gorgeous over-half moon betta
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    RIP Jerky

    RIP :(
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    Harlequin Rasbora

    I'd recommend guppies if you want something more lively, although if your tank is overstocked you should address that first.
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    Betta's spawned

    So gorgeous! Can't wait to see the colours :)
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    Urgent - Swimbladder troubles with fancy goldfish

    Poor fish. Isn't looking good, if you think it's swim bladder then you could try meds but they don't always work. Good luck and hope it improves.
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    my new betta! ~name suggestions please~

    He's lovely! If he was mine (which I wish he was!), I'd probably call him something like Ariel or Poseidon.
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    welcome to the forum! :)
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    Most Expensive Hobby’s Besides Fish Keeping?

    Most expensive hobby I can think of is having horses... at one point my friend's family had 5 horses, two of them were retired, and honestly the amount of money, effort and cold hard cash was incredible! Blows fish keeping out the park (most fish keeping at least).