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    Pregnant Balloon Molly

    I recently purchased a ballon molly “first time owning one” and I know their naturally big but is it possible she’s pregnant ? She seemed distant from my other fish and eats a lot I just want to make sure I’m prepared if so
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    Pregnant Guppy

    Ok so I’ve recently purchased a smaller tank for birthing, and I was wondering if it was a smart idea to place my obviously pregnant guppy in there ? And also does she look close to giving birth? I can see the fry eyes
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    Pregnant Platy

    I’ve recently purchased another female for my platy tank, and she’s very pregnant and the Gravid spot is extremely dark, any guess on when she will have them ?
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    Pregnant Guppy ?

    This is my second post, I just realized I may have another pregnant Guppy but I’m not so sure, she’s hiding in the plants just like my other pregnant Guppy ? Can anyone confirm and determine when she may give birth
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    Pregnant Guppy ??

    This is one of my female guppies and I suspect she’s pregnant I have a plant hideout along the wall and she’s been hiding in it since I put it in there and I want to be prepared how far along does she seem ?
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    Guppy Birth

    I have 3 pregnant guppies, the black and silver ones are far along I’m sure I just don’t know, they have the box shape, when should I separate them and when do you guys expect them to give birth ?