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    Endler Guppy Free To Good Home

    Hello! We have a male endler guppy free to a good home. He is perfectly healthy as far as we can see but he has been annoying our larger, older guppies and we think that they would be better off without him. We bought him from our local LFS a few months ago. We live in Hertfordshire (UK), is...
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    Guppy Bent Over - TB? Pls help!!!

    Hi there, I currently have 5 male guppies in a 25l, cycled. Ammonia is very low, my test kit does not give exact numbers. I have a few ornaments and two live plants, heater and filter. I clean out 25% once a week. A while back, when we had 3 guppies, one from one shop a while back and two fairly...
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    Guppy not responding to swim bladder medicine

    Hi there, hope someone can help. One of our guppies has swim bladder - showing the classic signs. We have followed the good advice we could find - - we stopped feeding him - put him in quarantine tank away from others (this is an established tank) - gave swim bladder treatment (have given day...
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    Holiday Survival Plan - keeping Guppies alive!

    Hi there, We have 2 male guppies in a 25l tank (we are starting slow). We are away for 7 days soon. I have been doing a bit of research about the best way to keep the tank healthy in our absence (lots of great tips on here). My plan so far is: * Feed fish a little more than usual in the run...
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    Keen newbies!

    HI there. We bought our first guppies approx 5 weeks ago and have been plunged into the wonderful world of fish keeping ever since. It has been a rollercoaster so far! We had no idea about how much should be considered and how much there is to know but are learning fast. It will be great to be...