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    Update on pregnant molly

    Hey, I asked a few weeks ago whether anyone thought my molly was pregnant. Now that I can compare it to another one of my mollies (in the pic) I believe she is getting closer to her due date. Anyone know by looking at the pic roughly how long? Thanks
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    Molly has dropsy?

    Hi, After my last message about a few fish dying, there seemed to be no issues after I gave the tank a water change...until now. One of my mollies seems to be swimming around a lot slower and it’s scales have puffed up, I had a look on the internet and believe it might be dropsy? Is there anyway...
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    Please help! Fish dying

    Hi, over the last 2 days 2 out of 3 of my neon tetras have died - not sure why used a tester strip and the water seemed to be good. However another one of my fish (not sure what type) has started to sit upside down in my tank, occasionally flipping the right way around (photo) . It has slightly...
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    Pregnant Dalmatian molly

    Hi, I posted about 2 weeks ago asking whether anyone thought my molly was pregnant and I am pretty sure now that she is. I can see a little black dot inside her belly is this her fry? Is anyone able to tell me roughly how many weeks off she is due? Or any other thoughts? Thanks (sorry the photo...
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    Not sure if my molly is pregnant

    Hi, just wondering if anyone could tell from this photo, if my molly is pregnant. I bought her a few weeks ago, however she has got a bit fatter since then...could be over feeding her. Let me know your thoughts, thanks