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    What is this growth!

    Hi. So, tonight as I was looking at this 29 gallon tank, I noticed this large growth on this angelfish. I’m quite concerned about it. is it dangerous? Nothing? Pls respond if you’ve seen this before or know what it it. its on her underside. It’s around pencil thick. Pls help
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    What kind of snail is this?

    Hi! I recently found this little snail in my 29g tank and moved him to this 20 gallon. Does anyone know what kind it is? I’ve never had or researched snails but I want to keep it and I’m just curious. Thanks in advance
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    Zebra danio/neon tetra max temp

    Hi! So, I was doing a water change 2 days ago, and I found about 85 eggs and newborn fry. I have them in a breeder box now, but I know they won’t fit in there for long. I got them out of a 20g community tank with 7 neon tetras who I’ve tried to breed unsuccessfully and 4 zebra danios who I’ve...
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    Should I move my danio fry?

    Hi! So, I have 13 zebra danio fry that hatched on April 13th. I have them in a 1 gallon breeder box. They are about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. They seem comfortable now, however I know they’ll need to move soon. Should I move them to a 5 gallon? I want to give them plenty of space to grow and swim...
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    Danio fry growth rate stunted? Pls respond

    Hi! So, I have some zebra danios that I spawned a while ago. The fry hatched April 13th. However, none of the fry are over a half inch. This is mildly concerning since all of my research has shown that by a month they should be an inch or close. I have 13 fry. I feed them solely vinegar eels. I...
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    Botanicals help

    Hi! So, I’ve got a neon tetra that I think has eggs! I want to try getting it to spawn and I need a botanical that I can use to lower ph. If anyone knows if these leaves are good or not, please respond. If someone has a link to a website or video about these botanicals, please post it. Here are...
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    Does my neon tetra have eggs? Pls respond

    Hey! So, i got a small school of 7 neon tetras a few months ago and a one of them kind of looks like it eggs! I’ll leave a pic below. Please respond if you know if it does or doesn‘t have eggs. Thanks! The neon tetra in question looks like it’s stomach is bulging and none of the rest of them...
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    Guppy breeding help!

    Hey all! I’m going to get a ten gallon tank with guppies and cherry shrimp. I like endler guppies more but they are more expensive and the females are super hard to find. Could I get a male endler and female fancy guppy trio? Would they breed? If so, please respond. If you have any tips for that...
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    Need help with danio fry! Pls respond

    Hello! My zebra danios have been spawning like crazy lately and i now have a self standing breeder box sitting in a small bin with a heater and over 30 fry in it. I have an empty 5 gallon tank with a heater but no filter and my question is, should I move the fry to that? About ten of the fry are...
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    Need help with Amazon Sword propagation. Pls respond

    Hi all. I currently have a fully established 20 gallon tank with an Amazon sword. A little while ago, it started making runners. They now have little plants on them with 1 inch leaves and multiple inch roots. I recently got a new 29 gallon tank and would like to put the baby plants in it. I need...
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    Quick cycle question pls respond

    Hi. I got my first tank (20 gallon) at Christmas. It’s fully cycled and everything. my family just got another tank and I was wondering if there was something I could put in my tank now that i could move to the new tank when we fill it up that would help cycle it faster. We’re going to do...
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    Is this a parasite!?!?

    Hi. I need help. My pearl danio has this hanging on it. I can’t tell if it’s stringy poop or something else. I just noticed it. The fish seems active though. Any treatment ideas? Thanks in advance Ps sorry about picture quality. They’re so fast ? I fed them freeze dried bloodworms.
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    Need help finding Otocinclus!

    Hi all. I have recently been looking for some otos but I can’t find them anywhere. Does anyone know of a good website with cheap shipping where I could get some? Also, tips on keeping them. thanks in advance!
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    Fry help! Pls respond!

    Hi all. I just got my first tank (20 gal) at Christmas and currently I’ve got 4 zebra danios and 2 pearl danios. About a week after I got the fish, i noticed the zebras started laying eggs! They’ve lay eggs multiple times. I’ve done lots of research so I siphoned out the eggs into a clear...
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    Is my tank overstocked?

    Hi. I’m new here. I have a twenty gallon tank with 4 zebra danios and 2 pearl danios. I’m hoping to get 3-4 emerald green corys and 7 neon tetras. I’m also hoping to get a single or pair of honey Gouramis. Is that overstocking? Pls respond. Thanks ?
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    Equipment recommendations pls

    Hi. I‘m new here and to the hobby and I need some equipment recommendation. Can you please respond if you know of any good fish keeping equipment websites. thank you!!!
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    I need recommendations pls

    Hi all. What is the best place to buy live freshwater plants online? Thanks.
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    Can I put plants in gravel?

    Hi all. I’m new to the hobby and I was wondering. I have a gravel substrate but I want some plants. Is this okay? If so what plants? I’ll leave a pic below. Thx