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  1. ReddSamurai

    4 Yoyo Loach For Sale West Yorkshire Garforth Area

    4 x 4inch yoyo loach for sale as they have been eating all the cichlid eggs, they are all very healthy. £20 for all four.
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    Shrimp Compatability

    Hi, quick question.   i have a 55L tank with 2 juvenile golden rams(M/F) and 4 cardinal tetras and have been toying with the idea of putting shrimp in there.   so the question is can the shrimp live along side those fish and if the rams start to spawn will there be problems?   ive been looking...
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    August 2013 - Fish Of The Month Winner

    He died earlier today :( sad times
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    Moving The Aquarium - Advice Needed

    sounds like a good plan to me the only issue i see is acclimatising the fish to the new water in the tank but i may see that as an issue because its different to how id introduce fish to a tank.
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    My German Blue Rams

    thanks, thats a relief i took him out a couple days ago so ill have to wait and see
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    My German Blue Rams

    I love these two, but im a bit concerned as to what is happening with them.       they had their first spawn about 2 months ago and not spawned since...the male also harasses the female constantly any suggestions...will a coldwater...
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    Tropical Fish Keeping Should Require A License!

    I used to work in one of those places and you wont believe how often things like this happens. tends to come down to enthusiasm i suppose.   the thing ive seen most comes down to filters and not being cleaned, ive seen a couple of people bring their filter in and stuff like the biomax is still...
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    Kribensis Digging Alot

    ok do you reckon its safe then to move them back into the community tank as i think my pair of rams have befriended each other again and look ready too spawn and id like to put the pair of rams in the breeding tank
  9. ReddSamurai

    Kribensis Digging Alot

    Thanks for the info, another question is when do they start spawning. im not sure how old they are but the male is probably about 2inches and the female 1 and a half inches
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    Kribensis Digging Alot

    hi, ive put my pair of kribs into my breeding tank and after a week they have dug pits everywhere, i have a couple questions about it though.   first is this directly associated with spawning or is it just general behavior.   secondly should i leave it as is, im due to clean the tank and id like...
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    Kribensis Help

    haha i wasnt going to say anything but then a friend asked me something, yea i love the yoyos but they are mad. they are like clumsy dogs xD   cheers thats why i asked because i have 2 female pearls that lock lips every now and again when they are around the male which i know is aggressive.  ...
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    Kribensis Help

    every now and again they will go side to side and like shake at each other, i tried to get a video but they are camera shy and the best i could get was
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    Kribensis Help

    hi all,   i have had 2 kribs(m/f) for a month now and lately they've been acting weird and im not sure if its aggression or spawning/mating behavior.   basically the female follows the male a lot and every now and again they will peck at each other and almost lock lips.   any help will be great :)
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    Gbr Advice

    ive had a pair of GBRs for about 7 months and i moved them into their own tank last month and they had their first spawn 3 days after i moved them.   4+weeks on their hasnt been a second spawn and they both seem a bit stressed/loss of color.   they are still eating a lot and no signs of...
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    Breeding Info Needed

    Hi i have a GBR pair and are probably about 8 months old and had their first spawn 4 weeks ago.   just wanted to know how often they spawn?
  16. ReddSamurai

    Gbr First Spawn

    thanks, i was told to take the cardinals out as the rams may feel threatened and eat the fry? is that true?   unfortunately i dont think any survived, but i wasnt expecting any to as its the first time.
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    Gbr First Spawn

    HI, im a complete novice when it comes to breeding but i thought id give it a go with my GBRs. basically they have been in a community tank and about 5 days ago i put them in their own tank with some cardinals.   I was about to head to bed yesterday night and noticed this so im just asking for...
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    had him in his own tank for the past 2 weeks but unfortunately died today but i am 90% it was due to an internal parasite, bit worried about the tank he was in for a couple days at the start now. do you think it would be wise to use something as a preventative just in case?
  19. ReddSamurai

    Severum Behaviour.

    i enjoyed reading this :D, i think its generally normal behavior with most cichlids as i have 2 GBRs and they both follow me when im near the tank and not my housemate.   when you say you hear about fish showing personality, i d agree that they do especially cichlids
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    Fish For Sale Bristol

    yea the plecs the only one i have left   no longer selling the killis as i have another tank for them.   and the glass catfish have gone