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    More Ct Fry Pics

    deformty usual not happen unless F5 generation related
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    More Ct Fry Pics

    Ol'a i believe spine may due to inbreed or close relation of parrents for too many generation? ~boa sorte
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    Problems With A Lilly

    yes the do "flower" the flower isnt realy flower, it is a inflorescence, made up of spathe and spadix. the spathe surrounds the spadix that has male and female blooms on it.
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    Half-black Paradise Fish

    Ol'a depending on the trait, if it is recessive or dominant will make alot of matter. try spawning the half black with a normal female, cross one female from the F1 generation (half black X normal) with the half black father. half black X normal should make a half black Genotype if...
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    Female Bettas in a 30 gallon?

    Ol'a doubt they will get disseased. they should fine. have good spots of hiding for them to be in. the most hiding the less stressed out.
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    Problems With A Lilly

    Ol'a Love4 is dead on for care. I am botanist in Brazil and these plants grow wild around here in the rivers.
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    Video's Of River Monster's<arapaima Gigas

    I love those giants.
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    Avalanche Is Here!

    Ol'a just a bit of wonder, is not a 2 and half a bit small for a betta? I thought at less was 5
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    New Cayenne Pics

    bela Betta, véu mais belo que já vi
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    New To The Forum

    muito obrigado the fish here are different then most places and muito divino
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    Oi, I believe that there was a nother post by a member about a marble change was there not? the change is quite incrível
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    Ct Update. 5 Weeks!

    Ol'a is turtle in same tank that babies in?
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    New To The Forum

    ol'a i am Marcus Nadruz, i am new to forums. i am of Brazil. the fish i have is betta splendens, arawana, and a comunity of many others. i also have pond of koi and carp/goldfish. obrigado