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  1. Colin_T

    Maintaining Kg and gh

    I used a Rift Lake water conditioner for African Rift Lake cichlids. Depending on the fish you keep and the GH level required, you add a certain amount. Adding mineral salts to raise the GH will usually raise the KH and pH too.
  2. Colin_T

    Monte Carlo in new tank

    Hi and welcome to the forum :) Can you post pictures of the plants and tank? Are you adding aquarium plant fertiliser? How much CO2 are you adding?
  3. Colin_T

    Removing Algae from gravel

    Hi and welcome to the forum :) Can you post pictures of the tank with algae? If you use a basic model gravel cleaner (like the one in the following link) on a regular basis, it will help to keep the gravel cleaner.
  4. Colin_T

    Petrol hits $2 a litre

    Western Australia's petrol just became the most expensive in the country. We are now paying an average of $2.00 per litre for regular unleaded petrol (91 ron). $8 a gallon for you lot that can't work out litres :) What a fuplie ripoff. We sell our good oil overseas and buy in a lower grade oil...
  5. Colin_T

    Dd's Tanks And Fish

    I knew a few girls that had hair like that :)
  6. Colin_T

    Here I go again 150 gallon reset.

    stop filming from above and film from the front :) my rainbowfish would have taken your fingers off if you did that in my tanks :)
  7. Colin_T

    Cardinals and Neons

    Maybe the owner has health issues or is preparing to close the business down
  8. Colin_T

    Platy problem

    Hi and welcome to the forum :) The black fish has clamped fins and looks like it has excess mucous on its head (creamy film on its noggin). this is usually caused by poor water quality or something in the water irritating the fish. It can also be stress related if the fish is being bullied by...
  9. Colin_T

    New to fish keeping and my Betta seems to be sick.

    Don't do that. If you replace the filter media every month, or any time, you remove the good filter bacteria that helps keep ammonia and nitrite levels at 0ppm. Then it takes a month or more for new bacteria to grow and replace the ones you got rid of. When the filter has established and you...
  10. Colin_T

    A little under 1ppm ammonia after a 100% water change

    Not everyone has nice clean water like you do in the mountains of New Zealand. Even in Perth here where I am, the tap water is nasty. I mix tap water and methylated spirits (ethyl alcohol) for cleaning and disinfection. Ethyl alcohol is the same sort of alcohol in beer, wine and spirits and...
  11. Colin_T

    Is this a honey gourami?

    looks like an orange form of the honey gourami
  12. Colin_T

    Help! Betta is lethargic and is breathing heavy

    Give the gravel a good wash before adding it to the tank and only add a thin layer to start with. Just enough to cover the bottom so he can't see his reflection. If he is fine for a few days with a thin layer of gravel, then add more if you want to.
  13. Colin_T

    Cardinals and Neons

    Being out of stock on a lot of items can be from a number of things. They might have gone on holidays and reduced stock while away. They might have issues getting plants due to cold weather. They might be trying a new supplier or they might have had issues with a cold snap affecting their...
  14. Colin_T

    Siphon Vacuum Gravel Cleaner 1" or 1.5" W?

    How big is the tank (what are the dimensions)? If you have lots of live plants in the tank, just gravel clean around them and leave 1-2 inches of undisturbed gravel by their base. You can hoover the gunk out from among the leaves of the plants but you don't need to gravel clean where their...
  15. Colin_T

    My aquarium plants without CO2, not thriving.

    Sorry about all the information, just trying to cover as much as possible to limit possible problems in the future. Gouramis normally live near the surface but under floating plants. They don't like being out in the open where birds can see them and eat them. Obviously there are no birds above...
  16. Colin_T

    Hello All!

    I wouldn't bother with the Anubias. the rest of the plants look good tho. :) Pygmy chain sword plants are a great low growing plant. Their leaves are about 1-2 inches long and they spread by runners. Your bonsai look good. It is impressive to see little trees that look like big mature trees. I...
  17. Colin_T

    Help! Betta is lethargic and is breathing heavy

    He seems to be in reasonably good shape and is exploring the tank. He can see his reflection in the bottom glass and is trying to work that out. In a few days you can add the gravel and see how he goes. The gravel will stop him seeing his reflection and he should act more normal. I didn't even...
  18. Colin_T

    Cardinals and Neons

    No I haven't dealt with Arizona Aquatic Gardens
  19. Colin_T

    My Angel Fish are having some issues

    Are you referring to the round things on the edge of the dorsal (top) fin? These look like excess mucous but might be air bubbles if you just did a water change and the new water was a lot colder than the tank water. It's not a disease though so don't worry about adding anything to treat it. A...
  20. Colin_T

    Angelfish breathing rapid/ opening & closing mouth

    There might be something in the water irritating the fish and making it hard to breath. Are you adding carbon dioxide (CO2) to the tank? Is there any aeration/ surface turbulence in the tank? Are there any other fish in the tank? Increase the aeration to try and maximise the oxygen levels in...