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    "Pin Me! Pin Me!"

    worth bumping this as nobody has recomended any post worthy of pinning in 3 years!
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    What's In Your Water?

  3. The-Wolf

    Colour variations in fish

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    Rocks For Use In The Aquarium

  5. The-Wolf

    types of goldfish

  6. The-Wolf

    Sand In Your Tropical Fish Aquarium

    as I'm back, I thought this was worth resurecting 
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    I'm Back

    Thanks.   yes, to get me back into the swing of things I will start with danios I'll probably start with the standard ones with a view to getting Danio sp. 'red fin' once the tank is matured
  8. The-Wolf

    I'm Back

    thanks to you both   Ch4rlie as you can see by my post count I was extreamly active many of my posts were pinned Rocks for use in the aquarium, quite a few fish lists (rasboras, danios etc)   I left due to ill health and now have no tanks but have just ordered a custom and will prob do a...
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    What Do You Think Of This?

    I'm torn on this nice and different, looks like a great volume and assume a great surface area but the bit for the dog seems very narrow
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    I'm Back

    did you miss me?
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    Complete Setup, Including Fish

    I'm open to reasonable offers
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    Complete Setup, Including Fish

  13. The-Wolf

    Complete Setup, Including Fish

    finishing for good due to health issues.
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    Complete Setup, Including Fish

    Complete aquarium (including fish) 48 inches long, 18 inches high, 15 inches wide. £200 ono, collection from Swanley and you will need a van and two strong men. Tank has a weir that currently feeds an external filter. Tank also has a few scratches on the front glass. This tank and cabinet are...
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    Irrational Fears

    Luposlipaphobia :lol:
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    Spider Photography

    some very good macro shots of small spiders also some big spiders too :good:
  17. The-Wolf

    Introducing Palla

    I'm sad to announce that Palla died last week. She was such a great character and sulked every time I cleaned the viv out. she did like to sit on my neck and bask in the heat; she shall be missed greatly. Attached photo is the last one I took of her.