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  1. Donya

    Duncan coral day vs night photos

    I've had the Duncanopsammia coral in the photos below for a number of years. I've always had a really hard time taking night photos of it, but finally got a decent one and thought I'd share with a day pic for comparison. Daytime Night lights
  2. Donya

    One of my weirder maintenance moments

    Thought I'd share one of the stranger things I've seen in a while with my tanks. I had to take apart and put back together both of my marine tanks today to move them elsewhere in the house due to possible floor issues. I decided to have a look in the reef's canister filter to see if it needed a...
  3. Donya

    Some Pictures from the Berlin Aquarium

    I recently had a chance to visit the Berlin Aquarium in Germany. Some may be familiar with the well-known Berlin Method for setting up marine aquariums using live rock and kalkwasser reactors for larger setups to facilitate coral skeleton growth. Not surprisingly, the aquarium there had many...
  4. Donya

    Took some pics of my nano reef

    It's been a very long time since I've shared any pics of my tanks. I was just doing some tidying up on them this weekend and I thought I'd post a couple of my nano reef, which is 20 gallons. There are just two fish; it's mostly an invert and coral/anemone tank. If you look closely, there's a big...
  5. Donya

    Ongoing cleanup of Fish Index (and other Index forums)

    The mods have noticed that a lot of new posts asking questions are being posted in the fish index and similar index forums. The index forums exist as a resource for species profiles only, and that needs to be strictly enforced in order to make the index forums useful. Most of the index forums...
  6. Donya

    Coral and anemone response to LED fixture going bad

    I have some interesting observations from my reef tank that I wanted to share. For the last few years I've had an AI prime LED on the tank, which served me well until this month. A couple weeks ago, it died in a very frustrating way by subjecting my fish to a periodic lightning effect in the...
  7. Donya

    Rebuilding A 20Gal After A Move

    I recently moved from Connecticut down to Texas and decided to take many of my marine critters with me. I'm now re-building a 20gal reef from what I brought and also wanted to share how I brought everything, since it was a lot more successful than past moves I've done. I did a move the other way...
  8. Donya

    Sea Urchins And Power Cables

    Another discovery I've made in the process of breaking tanks down for a move...     This is one of those things I've known is a possibility for a long time with animals like sea urchins, but until now I've never actually seen it happen in a decade of keeping saltwater critters. I had a digital...
  9. Donya

    Large Empty Shells And Stupid Fish

    Just wanted to post a word of caution about something I just ran into today, since I haven't seen something quite like this before during many years of keeping large shells in tanks with marine fish. I'm breaking down some of my tanks in preparation for a move, which involves rehoming some fish...
  10. Donya

    Fishy Renaissance Fair Find

    I was at a small local renaissance fair this weekend. Great fun with music, shows, crafts, and giant pretzels. This fair even had some fish! Of course, I couldn't leave without one, and it's too cute to not share. It's proving to be a very finicky eater though, and it tends to just sit in one...
  11. Donya

    Invert-Safe Plant Pruning Tools?

    I recently set up a planted shrimp tank, which is somewhat new aquarium territory for me. The shrimp are multiplying and the plants are growing well - to the point that I need to start pruning to prevent the tank from gradually turning into a big plant tangle. But, with tiny little shrimp babies...
  12. Donya

    Marine Aquarium Journals

    Go to Marine Aquarium Journals All journals, including marine journals are now in the journal section of the site.
  13. Donya

    My Latest Tank

    I just started setting up a half gallon marine pico today. Anybody want to guess what sort of beast will be calling it home soon?   
  14. Donya

    Freshwater Snail Species In The Hobby

    Basic Terminology for Identification Anatomy: Foot: the bottom, muscular portion of the animal used for locomotion. Siphon: a proboscis-like appendage appearing on the side of the shell in some species. Mantle: the soft tissue inside the opening of the shell. Spire: the conical part of a...
  15. Donya

    Plant Id From Lake In New England

    I collected this today at a lake near my home in Connecticut and am trying to figure out what it is. Please excuse the awful pic; it's the leafy one I'm interested in since I haven't seen these in the particular lake before. Unfortunately I do not know whether it's native; there are a number of...
  16. Donya

    Cerithiid Snails In Perth

    I was at a conference in Perth, Australia recently and had a brief chance to get down to an area that was tidal (Heirisson island). I didn't see much life and then had an "oh look, a snail!" moment (excuse the amount of junk in the photo - couldn't set anything down since it was mud all around)...
  17. Donya

    Marine Journals Moving

    Just a heads up! There was a new journals section announced recently and the marine journals are about to be moved over there.  Journals can now be found here:
  18. Donya

    Common Marine Tank Equipment

    The following is a list of commonly used equipment for marine tanks broken down by the type of tank. Only the types of tanks typically set up by first-time marine aquarists are covered here.   Bare Bones Marine Tank Canister and/or hang-on filters for filtration  Power heads for extra flow Any...
  19. Donya

    A Stripey Interloper

    Oh the hazards of buying tiny brown hermits. What I thought I walked out with upon leaving the LFS: 10 Clibanarius digueti. What I actually walked out with: 9 Clibanarius digueti and a small mystery.            Those food pellets are less than 2mm across. Time to break out the hand lense lol.     
  20. Donya

    Oscar The Crab-grouch Meets An Algae Ball

    Apparently balls of algae are really exciting. Oscar may also be a she. (Clickable pics that go to the video on photobucket)