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  1. cheesy feet

    Peacock Gudgeons

    Pictured here are mum and dad. Juveniles hatched on the 6th July, and are now on bloodworm and getting their adult colours. Bred in hardwater of pH 7.8-8.2. £6 each or 3 for £15 Collection from PE16. Not adverse to a bit of a roadtrip to deliver, so don't be shy to ask. Alternatively, I could...
  2. cheesy feet

    I mixed my Magnesium sulphate with my chelated trace mix

    As per thread title. I mixed them in together with water. Clearly I had a brain fart and forgot the MgSO4 isn't meant to go with the trace mix! Is it good to go, or is it due for the drain?
  3. cheesy feet

    Cheesy Feet's 30 Litre Planted Aquarium

    I'll have to get my proper camera out and take some pictures of the fish and slightly changed layout (the rock is now vertical, with the moss attached with some plant netting), but here's some pics from my phone: [/URL]   Sooo. I got bored and decided to set up another little planted aquarium...
  4. cheesy feet

    New Here

    Not really new, I have returned after a long time! I've only recognized 2 user names so far. Looks like the forum had another big overhaul?
  5. cheesy feet

    Garden State

    On film four now!
  6. cheesy feet

    A Disgusting Disgrace?

    If you are one of the few who has never been presented with evidence that fishforums plans to take us all on an entirely reckless ride into the unknown, then be glad that the task to educate yourself has just become easy. With this letter, I compile all of the necessary evidence into one...
  7. cheesy feet

    Video Goldfish Breeding

  8. cheesy feet

    What Will You Look Like In 20 Years Time? You can also be a drug addict kids!
  9. cheesy feet

    To Pop Or Not?

    This has made interesting conversation on another forum, so...Vote!
  10. cheesy feet

    Sailfin Pleco

    1 x sailfin plec, around 11" Reason for Sale: No room, need the tank for quarantine. Delivery or Collection: Both Sales price:£10 Postage & Packaging:...Would be expensive to say the least. Location: Chatteris, cambs Photograph:
  11. cheesy feet

    Nutrafin Co2 Systems X 3

    Age and condition: Used Quantity for sale: 3, + extras Reason: Upgrading to pressurised. Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: £10 for one with ladder, £15 for one with a ceramic diffuser. Can do all three as a deal. Postage & Packaging: £5 Location: Chatteris, cambs. I have cleaned them...
  12. cheesy feet

    Your Fridges

    I'll start:
  13. cheesy feet

    Bravo-Fight Science-Now

    Looks pretty interesting and entertaining.
  14. cheesy feet

    The Game

    As soon as you think of The Game you lose.You are ALWAYS playing the game. The game has always been, and always will be.
  15. cheesy feet

    Your Favourite Youtube Videos...

    sp_WV91jx8E Just a random one... Your turn EDIT: To in-bed use the tags (youtube)(/youtube), using closed brackets, around all the characters after the first '=' in the URL.
  16. cheesy feet

    Royal Python Feeding Video

  17. cheesy feet

    Cherry Shrimpage

    Will have some more for sale soon, if anyone is interested drop us a pm My cameras suck I am afraid lol.
  18. cheesy feet

    Synodontis Eupteris - Featherfin Catfish - Adults X 2

    Please fill out the following form for any and all transactions. Please change the first line as applicable to the transaction Livestock: Synodontis eupterus (Featherfin catfish) Quantity for sale: 2 Reason for Sale: Annoyed with them harassing my big pearsei and taking slime coat off...They...
  19. cheesy feet

    Post Pics Of Your Reptiles!

    Royal pythons - guess the morphs. CWD's (when he's not in shed- much younger though) Leos Some of last years leopard gecko hatchlings ..Missing pics of 1.
  20. cheesy feet

    Video Dragon Goby Too see his teeth and eyes properly you must watch in HQ!