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    Frightened new Oscars

    I just got my 3 Oscars about three days ago. My fish tank has been set up on my table. And everyone I lay on my bed, I’ll see them swim to the surface/ around the tank and whatnot. But every time I approach the tank, they’ll all go to the bottom and it looks like they’re afraid of me. What’s...
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    Need help w/ Kok colour fading and identifying this flowerhorn please!

    How come the Kok on my flowerhorn is fading right down the middle? Or is it because of the FHs age? He’s only about 7 months. Is it the food I’m feeding him? I’ve also uploading some images, hoping I can find out what type of FH he is from! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Flowerhorn food

    Not sure if this is where I’m suppose to post but.. I’ve been feeding my FH a variety of foods from pellets, frozen foods to feeders. I started off with pellets and it was going well until I introduced to him feeders. Now he won’t take pellets when I offer it to him. I’ve tried starving him...
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    New to the forums!

    Hello fellow fish hobbyists!! Joined this forum, I hope to learn new things and many answers to my questions. I’m from Australia but currently living in Vietnam. I’d say the fish here are pretty cheap compared to what I saw in-stores in Aus. I currently own: - 1 Flowerhorn about 6-7 months...
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    Flowerhorn attacking pleco

    I’ve seen at my local fish stores that they keep each FH with a pleco. My FH is about 15cm now. I’ve had a smaller albino pleco in the same tank as him and he killed it overnight. Poor fella. At the moment I’ve got a pleco that’s the same size as he is and he still chases and picks on the...