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  1. Kat1053

    Rasbora or danio?

    Hi everyone! I’m kind of new to fish keeping I currently have a male betta fish and a zebra snail in a 5 gallon tank and I’m in the process of cycling a 10 gallon but I can’t decide wether to get galaxy rasboras or maybe zebra danios, the filter I have for the 10gal has a bit of a current and my...
  2. Kat1053

    Ammonia API test problem?

    Hi :) I just recently got a betta fish and I had been using the test strips to test the water because that was all I could afford but I just bought the API master tester kit and nitrate and nitrite came out perfect but the ammonia water was clear? The only options are yellow to green so does...
  3. Kat1053

    Potential erratic swimming in betta fish?

    I bought a beta fish about a week ago and he’s doing very well other than this one swimming pattern I’ve noticed. he’ll go to one side or corner of the tank and go side to side quite quickly along the glass, I know that erratic swimming can be a sign of bad water quality but ive been testing the...
  4. Kat1053

    How should I go about switching to a new filter?

    So I just bought a betta but the filter that I have is quite strong and I noticed the fish is getting pushed around quite a bit (it’s one of those ones where there’s a little waterfall going into the tank) so I put a little sponge in the outflow but so the flow is slowed a bit and ran to the...
  5. Kat1053

    Introduction post :)

    Hello! I just joined this forum so I’m making a little introduction post, I just got a betta fish so I thought it might be useful to join a forum like this. I have had fish growing up but most of them didn’t live long because I was like 6 and my mom didn’t really do her research. Now I’m older...