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  1. Tacocat

    This meme video is very true

    I was scrolling through youtube when I saw this, and it is incredibly relatable
  2. Tacocat

    Pretty sure this is fin rot

    Hi there, I've noticed that the top of my betta's dorsal fin has been looking a little spiky and tattered lately, and upon closer inspection it appears to be fin rot, but I've never had this problem before so I would like to confirm with people who actually know what they're doing. None of the...
  3. Tacocat

    Bloated rasbora that has trouble swimming- not pooping

    This just happened today, and I noticed 5 minutes ago. I have noticed previously that the fish looks rather bloated, and now that we realize it it wasn't pooping. However, today we just saw it floating upside down, and having trouble swimming and barely moving. At first I thought swim bladder...
  4. Tacocat

    Can you use sparkling water to dose CO2?

    So I was scrolling youtube, as one does, and noticed a video about trying to add sparkling water to dose co2. Now, I was intrigued, and there was no way I would watch through a video to find out what happened, so I decided to do research. I found this website, which essentially said yes, jut be...
  5. Tacocat

    Lambchop rasbora not eating and hiding

    In my 5 gallon I have a trio of lam chops and one small rasbora, and recently one of them has been hiding out behind the driftwood away from the rest of the gang, and rarely eats. It sometimes comes out but other than that it has been chilling behind the driftwood. My brother notes that the...
  6. Tacocat

    Is it safe to use rainwater to lower tank pH?

    Here in my city, we have "Toronto is considered moderately hard at 6 to 7 grains per gallon" and "Falls into the "moderately hard to hard” category" which I find quite vague. The water company isn't very helpful either, as the water is run by the city and i can't find water hardness on the...
  7. Tacocat


    I'm just wondering, in a forum full of aquarists with attention to detail, surely some of the people here are artists. I'll start. I'm a kid who happens to like a challenge and because of this, I tried pixel art. It's actually quite hard on low scales, as it takes quite a lot to make a low res...
  8. Tacocat

    Amazing pleco tank

    Found this amazing pleco tank on youtube. Somehow it isn't covered in poop and the fish look healthy.
  9. Tacocat

    How to take care of Baby Gecko

    Hi there, as someone who has never kept any reptiles ever, aside from the occasional wild catch and release snakes, I need to know how to keep a baby gecko. The neighbour just texted my mom telling her that her daughter just got a baby gecko, and because they are leaving for the weekend, they...
  10. Tacocat

    Why are there two tropical fish emergencies?

    I was checking for new posts at the bottom of the site when I clicked on one about dying fish. After responding, I noticed that the post was located in the forum called Tropical fish emergencies. However, this particular one is inside 2 forums, "The Think Tank" and "TFF FAQ Topics" respectively...
  11. Tacocat

    Extremely active RCS

    Hi there, I have a 5 gallon tank with a betta, 4 rasboras, and a cardinal tetra(yes ik not greatest stocking but right now there's not much I can do about it (parents etc.)) Anyway, I also have 3 assassin snails, 2 red cherries and 3 tiger shrimp. At the moment,t one of the RCS are hiding...
  12. Tacocat

    How to naturally lower tank pH and soften water

    Hi there, Recently I have had a shrimp death in my tank, the shrimp had just come in the day before, and looked perfectly fine, and I was perplexed. I was at school at the time, and when I got home I immediately took the shrimp out when my brother alerted me to it. It appeared to have a reddish...
  13. Tacocat

    Feeding nori to fish/shrimp

    Hi there I have a question, will freshwater fish and/or shrimp eat nori?(the kind of seaweed in sushi) I read that you can but I just wanted to ask people who know what they're doing
  14. Tacocat

    Shrimp id

    Hi there, yesterday I bought 4 “amano” shrimp, but upon closer inspection it was clear they weren’t. I can confirm at least one of them is a tiger shrimp, another I’m not sure, and the two smaller ones I haven’t seen in a bit, so they’re hiding. The reddish gray oneis the confusing one. The...
  15. Tacocat

    Betta not eating flake food

    Hi there, a few weeks ago I bought a juvenile blue plakat betta(not sure please confirm) which I think is a male. This morning I fed him bloodworms and he ate them readily, but just now I put some flake food in the tank(fluval bug bites) and he ate a few and spat them out. Do I have to keep...
  16. Tacocat

    How to use a gravel cleaner

    Hi there! Now that I have finally hacked back my tank, I see the amount of gunk and old nastiness on the substrate. Following this, I've ordered a gravel cleaner on amazon and will use it when it arrives. however, I'm not sure how to, and I don't want to disturb my plants to much as it is a...
  17. Tacocat

    Sparkling gourami in 5 gallon tank

    Is it possible to put 3 sparkling gouramis in a 5 gal with no other fish with cherries and snails as tank mates?
  18. Tacocat

    Duckweed is awful

    I'm gonna say it here, duckweed is the worst. Sure, it might grow fast and actually work as a floating plant, but do you really want this?
  19. Tacocat

    Planting land plants underwater

    Hi all I've only got 1 tank so far but I've been planning ahead and I've been wondering about saving some money and buying land plants as a replacement for aquatic plants. I've read that a lot of plants can survive with their roots submerged but not their leaves. Are there any plants that have...
  20. Tacocat

    Male guppy lying on the ground

    I have a pair guppies that I have had for 6 weeks. So far there have been no hiccups except where the female started to get weak, and hung out by the filter intake, but now she's slightly better. I don't have water tests yet because I'm in a bit of a rush, but the male is lying on the ground...