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  1. Chloem07


    Hi all, Im planning to have sand in my tropical tank, what type of sand would you recommend? I have a 100L tank, how much sand would i need? 🤷🏼‍♀️ All help appreciated Thank you x
  2. Chloem07

    Can koi carp eat slugs?

    Hi, Just a question out of curiosity, can koi carp eat slugs?
  3. Chloem07

    All advice appreciated

    Hiya, im new to the tropical fish life, i currently have a fresh water tank- although im changing to tropical shortly. I have a 100 L tank- what would the best filter be for a 100L tropical tank? Ive been looking at “FLUVAL U4 internal filter” - has anyone got this or have any feedback? Any...