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  1. madmark285

    The Truth about Tiger Barbs and why you should NOT buy aquarium or farm grown.

    I did watch the video. With the massive overload of info these day, you really need to look at multiple sources to find a consensus. And the consensus does not support your views on Tiger Barbs being killers. You are also speculating to support your position ie: Cory's 800 gallon tank at...
  2. madmark285

    The Truth about Tiger Barbs and why you should NOT buy aquarium or farm grown.

    The 800 gallon tank was moved to Cory's house. Most likely, they sold the tiger barbs, after all they are an aquarium store which sells fish. I got 10 Tiger Barbs, no problems. They are quite tame compared to the Odessa Barbs in my tank.
  3. madmark285

    Brand New to fish! How to stock a 60 Gallon Tank

    It is alot of fish, I would target around 20. A male Strawberry Peacock will be 6" (15cm), these are big fish. So for the Peacocks, are you buying adult males? That's the problem with dimorphic fish when buying juveniles, you may end up with all females. I have 9 Odessa barbs in my tank, only...
  4. madmark285

    Brand New to fish! How to stock a 60 Gallon Tank

    But they are not Oscars. There is alot of info on overstocking Mbuna and Peacocks on the web. The guy who cuts my hair has an overstocked Mbuna tank, it seems to work.
  5. madmark285

    How soon can I add corals?

    Amazon sells patience in a bag for $1.99, might be a wise investment :rolleyes: I would wait a few weeks and let the tank mature. Water changes is the only way to get rid of the nitrates which may quickly kill any coral you put in the tank.
  6. madmark285

    Help!!! Is turbo start lethal for fish?

    It should not hurt the fish, it's just bacteria. The issue with doing it this way, you have no idea if the bacteria in the bottle is still alive. What you should have done, add the bacteria in a bottle and ammonia before adding fish. Now you can easily test ammonia levels, if they go drop to...
  7. madmark285

    Today is the day!

    Thanks, I should have read your post before I added my comments.
  8. madmark285

    Today is the day!

    I agree 100%, dose it with ammonia to 3ppm. If the bacteria in a bottle worked, the ammonia munching bacteria will slowly start producing nitrites which may be quickly consumed by the nitrite munching bacteria. When I cycled my tank with bacteria in a bottle and ammonia, I never got any...
  9. madmark285

    Today is the day!

    The API quick start is nitrifying bacteria in a bottle, he may already have the bacteria colonies established in the tank. . So he may not see a rise in nitrites as it is being quickly consumed. I would dose it twice with ammonia before buying any fish.
  10. madmark285

    Brand New to fish! How to stock a 60 Gallon Tank

    Both are from the Cichlid family from Lake Malawi, Mbuna are territorial rock dwelling, Peacocks are more open water. These are not community fish. plan on a species tank. I believe Peacocks are dimophic ie: only the males have bright colors. Many Mbuna are not. Lake Malawi has few plants, I...
  11. madmark285

    Starting a Reef Tank

    If I was to start a reef tank.. I would start by understanding corals and what is feasible for a beginner in a nano tank. And can I afford them if I have a tight budget. I personally like the Youtube videos from Bulk Reef Supply such as: I would use dry live rock. Basically this is coral...
  12. madmark285

    Complete Lore/History of This Forum

    A typical path for internet venture, start a non-profit version and when its gains large enough followers, sell it to someone who wants to commercialize it. I believe IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) started from the Usenet group, rec.movies. Amazon bought it for $55 million in 1998
  13. madmark285

    Where to find a 90 or 100 gallon aquarium and stand (no canopy) for a reasonable price Oh and how to you store your RO/DI water?

    There is another company called Tru Vue, they are a factory direct manufacture. They started making acrylic aquariums around 1980, we had them in the aquarium store I worked at during college. I believe you can customized the aquarium if you wanted thicker acrylic for example. Give them a try.
  14. madmark285

    Window Well Aquarium

    Very cool and creative! Please keep us posted.
  15. madmark285

    What is the magic of RO/DI Water?

    The ability to adapt is a primary force in evolution, species that require very specific environments tend to go extinct. One should not assume that a freshwater species requires the specific water condition of its native habitat, it may be able to adapt and thrive in other environments. One...
  16. madmark285

    What is the magic of RO/DI Water?

    Yes, RO will remove the majority of the minerals in the water. I don't know this answer but do you really need RO unit for a fish only saltwater tank?
  17. madmark285

    Skimmers and in/out positioning

    Understood. The thought of drill a hole in a tank intimidated me. Turns out it was quite easy but still. it was a bit scary. For skimmers, I think vertical separation is key. If both (intake and return line) are on the top of the tank, you may just get strong surface currents and the lower...
  18. madmark285

    Skimmers and in/out positioning

    I have an overflow box/skimmer which I put in the middle of the tank. My return lines (2) are only a few inches from the overflow box but they are near the bottom of the tank. Have you thought about drilling holes in the tank and use thru hull fittings?
  19. madmark285

    LED light recommendations

    This one says it is waterproof which is a big plus, most LED light require a glass lid. Personally I don't like the LED lights exposed like shown below: Seeing the LED lights is a distraction., I just want the tank to be illuminated. So you may be able to install the LED lights inside your old...
  20. madmark285

    What is the most inaccurate information you’ve been given..?

    Google is your friend. I don't bother asking the LFS employees, just google in the store and read up.