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    Stocking Help

    hi there, i have just picked up my new 6x2x2 setup i bought it from a friend who had is set up and some fish in already it has a few convicts 2 oscars 3 plecs and 3 upside down cat fish i was just wondering what other cichlids you would all reccomend thanks scott
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    Making A 6X2X2 Tank Stand

    hi there just bought a 6x2x2 fish tank and need to build a stand for it can somebody please help me on what materials to build it from was thinking 2x2 or 2x4 frame then some 18mm mdf for the top bottom and back will use some thinner mdf for the font and doors will this be strong enough please...
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    150 Litre Aqualantis Cube For Sale Complete Setup

    Equipment make/model/size: aqualantis 150l litre cube aquarium with one month old aqua one 750 external filter complete with stand and lights in hood all in great condition Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: to fund a 6ft tank Delivery or Collection:collection preferred can deliver to...
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    Wanting A Marine Set Up Please Help What Do I Need

    hi everyone i want to buy and setup a marine tank please can you give me a list of everything i will need to make it sucessful please thanks in advance scott
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    Fluval Roma 240 Now Cycled Stocking List

    hi there my tank is now 10 weeks old and is fully cycled now the stocking begins i did a fish in cycle with 10 neon tetras how does this stocking list sound 15x neon tetra 10x cardinal tetra 6x rosy barb 6x oddesa barb 1x plec 2x silver shark i will not be adding them all at the same...
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    Wanted 6Ft Aquarium Set Up

    as title must be local to somerset let me know what you have
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    Help With Water Results With Api Master Test

    hi there had my tank for 3 weeks now 2 weeks no fish and one week with 10 neon tetras i have just dont a test to see what the water is like the results i have are PH 7.6 AMMONIA 0.50 PPM NITRITE 0.25 PPM NITRATE 20 PPM thanks scott
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    Which Fish For My Tank

    hi all newbie here just got a fluval roma 240 tank and i am wondering whats everyones opinions on which fish to get for it im looking at tetras, mollys, guppys, barbs, danios and plattys also want a few larger fish what do you think any help would be great thanks scott