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  1. madmark285

    White spots on my plants

    This is my sister's plant, she has a 5 gallon tank. I don't have any water parameter, she does not have a test kit. This is an old tank , it has been running for 10 years plus. She had some fish die of old age. The last remaining fish was quite lonely so she bought 3 gold white clouds, 3 red...
  2. madmark285

    Climate change - continued from a discussion in another thread

    I also believe in climate change, our kids/grandkids will have a mess on their hands. But same as you, I have an issue with the hypocrites. Top of my list is Leonardo DiCaprio. A couple years ago Leo took a year off to concentrate on the environment, which meant flying around the world...
  3. madmark285

    Can I turn off my filter at night?

    I broke a cardinal rule, I offered advice before I googled it. So this situation is: With COVID, no job, no money and no sleep ie: my noisy HOB filter is keeping me awake. For a short term solution , can I turn off my filter at night? What popped up for me when I googled it, the lack of oxygen...
  4. madmark285

    Mbuna Condos, concepts for a African Cichlid tank

    My LFS is still selling 75 gallon tanks for $100, time to start planning my next system, a Mbuna tank. My primary focus when aquascaping a Mbuna tank will be to create as many 'caves' as possible. This is a highly territorial rock dwelling fish that wants a place to call home. In my previous...
  5. madmark285

    For some inspiration, check out BIOTOPE AQUARIUM DESIGN CONTEST 2020

    Sorry if this has been posted before, Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2020
  6. madmark285

    It was a good day, I got some fish and some COVID mRNA in my veins!

    Yep, I got my 1st vaccination shot today and I discovered some Odessa Barbs at Petco of all places, so I bought the barbs. I hope they color up nicely, only time will tell.
  7. madmark285

    Cycling a tank with Dr Tim ammonia and FritzZyme

    Using Dr Tim's ammonia, my started level of ammonia was ~4-5ppm (API test kit). I added 1oz of FritzZyme and in few days, the ammonia level was under 1ppm. I repeated this and once again, the ammonia levels went from ~4-5ppm to under 1 ppm. Clearly I have establish the ammonia munching colony of...
  8. madmark285

    Using dead shrubs for landscaping

    Behind my house is an old railroad right-away, my guess is the tracks were removed 60 years ago. It is now an isolated walking trial. I assume some shrubs first came in along the trail before the trees took over. Many of these shrubs are now dead but well preserved, the wood is quite hard. I...