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  1. Salt

    Tips for a Sierra Diorama?

    Water color probably would, I don't have a lot of experience with it so it might just take some trial and error to get the look you want.
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    Help! Betta is lethargic and is breathing heavy

    By RO water you mean reverse osmosis? If so, any place that has a machine where you fill up one gallon or 5 gallon jugs is reverse osmosis water. There should be a panel on the machine telling you how the water it dispenses is processed, but they are almost always RO. It should be about 25 cents...
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    what do I have in my tank?

    Note to self: get Amazon sword plant!!!
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    Word Association Game

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    Tips for a Sierra Diorama?

    Cotton balls or polyfill attached to the top could look like clouds. You might also look into oven bake clay like sculpey to create some of the more detailed shapes, if the floral foam doesn't work for that purpose.
  6. Salt

    Tips for a Sierra Diorama?

    Maybe clear glue with blue dye in it for the water. That's how we used to do water scenes. I'm not familiar with epoxy resin but you could potentially use it to do the same thing. An alternative would be painting the surface underneath the clear glue or resin.
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    Word Association Game

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    So sad

    My instant thought was dinner, that's his dinner. I believe that's not horribly unusual in some (poorer) countries, to raise fish to be eaten. It also looked to me like he was more surprised that it jumped out like that and wasn't in the net than anything else. I find it sad but probably not for...
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Iti and her love for TFF and all things fish

    She is so tiny! I love her coloring 🥰
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    Kalvin and the Fish

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    Cloudy water

    If you're using fluval substrate that's what it is, I'm cycling my tank right now and having the same issue. It comes back every time you put a new plant in, also. But it's not as bad as it was my first couple of weeks. And my filter does eventually clear it.
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    Snail Invasion

    I only raise guppies, so I really feel the breeding like crazy comment🤣🤣🤣 I think moving them to other other tank sounds optimal. Let us know how it goes!
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    Snail Invasion

    Poor shrimp! They probably don't appreciate that at all. Maybe you could run a piece of fishing line through just the vegetable and drop it in the water? You lose some snails raising it but at least none of the poor shrimp would be trapped. The other thought I had was the big suctioning might...
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    Im legally changing my name....

    Éirinn is pronounced Erin. Tis the Irish💚🍀💚
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    Snail Invasion

    I know you said you tried traps before. I put a few pieces of celery (nuked for about 5 seconds then cooled off) in mine and make sure I pick something with a smaller mouth than the rest of the body. This is a probiotic drink bottle. I don't know anything about shrimp concern, but I just thought...
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    Fluval Flustration!

    API test came... These are my first results. I think they look ok for the stage I'm at (still adding plants)??
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    Confirmation of my thoughts and research for my first tank.

    That's moss?? Wow! It's so long. (runs off to Google bogwood)
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    OliveFish05’s double tank journal and builds (20 gallon tropical community and 40 gallon axolotl tank)

    Half of me is squealing in delight over the cute axie pinkness. Half of me is squirming in discomfort at those yellow... things... You have one amazing tank there, two actually! Beautiful 🥰