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    Kalvin and the Fish

  2. Salt

    Fluval Flustration!

    So I'm just venting and I will probably delete this at some point, but.... I got a new wonderful tank for Christmas from my family. I got "wonderful" new fluval stuff. I can't breathe wrong or my tank goes cloudy! When I'm trying to put new plants and I can't even see through it!! This can't...
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    Lol! 🐟😂🐟😂🐟 I meant pet store not grocery store. 🙃
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    Blanco the Betta

    He keeps growing =)
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    Nvm, Purple Cow thread

    Found answer, sorry
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    Purple Cow thread

    Please disregard,
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    Guppies Everywhere!

    I have been wanting a fish tank since I was a child. My grandma always had guppies and a really gorgeous aquarium. So I got what I call "my pandemic fish" ?, two female and two male guppies for a 10-gallon tank. Oh, and a platinum betta, Blanco, in a 3-gallon tank because my Mom loves bettas. ...