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  1. hurgerburger

    Is inbreeding bristlenose plecos ok?

    Hello, I've had a breeding pair of bristlenose plecos for around 6 years now, but sadly just the other day the female, KitKat, passed away. I do still want to continue breeding plecos, however. My male (Zuko) is a fantastic dad, he spawns every month or so without fail. I know snake inbreeding...
  2. hurgerburger

    New forum idea—for kids?

    that's true, but there could be some incentive like a junior fishkeeper badge or something, or maybe exclusive access to starting threads on the kids forum? and direct messaging would also be turned off for those accounts. And I think overall, asking for age would make the forum a safer space...
  3. hurgerburger

    New forum idea—for kids?

    very true. There might be a way to make it safe, like maybe having a thing ask for age when you sign up? but idk if that's foolproof
  4. hurgerburger

    New forum idea—for kids?

    This was an idea that just occurred to me the other day, but maybe we could set up a new section of the forum for kids who need help with fish tanks? I noticed that a lot of the newcomers here seem to be <13, and since they can't buy their own stuff and might need more patience, it might be nice...
  5. hurgerburger

    My betta is sick! Please see if anyone could give some suggestions

    It's probably dropsy by the looks of it... and usually that's fatal- not sure how to deal with dropsy. but it could also be overfeeding- how much do you feed him? 4 pellets twice per day is the most I would do, and no more than 5 at once. But your ammonia looks high- anything above zero is a...
  6. hurgerburger

    small plants

    does anyone have any ideas for plants that would fit in the foreground mid ground and background of a 6 gallon cube? I won’t be doing co2, but i’ll have a good light. it’ll be ~78 degrees. Also, if you have any fun aquascaping ideas for a small tank, i’d love to hear them!
  7. hurgerburger

    What’s your worst nightmare regarding your fish/pets?

    are we talking about real nightmares? because that would probably be the dream i had where i dropped a bottle of windex in my 20 gallon. Otherwise, probably an extended power outage in the winter (though that probably won’t happen since i live near a hospital)
  8. hurgerburger

    betta color change- good bad or normal?

    and it turns out what I thought was bloating was just a normal full belly
  9. hurgerburger

    betta color change- good bad or normal?

    update: I've been feeding him 4 pellets daily (will eventually work up to more food) for maybe 5 days now and I can already see new fin growth and the bases of his scales are a bright blue again! I'm so glad this forum exists, thank you all :)
  10. hurgerburger

    how bad is it to not soak betta pellets?

    Everywhere i look online and on this forum it says to always soak betta pellets before you feed them. I would do this, however my betta can’t manage to catch sinking pellets, and so i have to scoop them back out with a net every time. I could probably teach him to catch them, but i haven’t...
  11. hurgerburger

    betta color change- good bad or normal?

    I've had a betta since the beginning of 2021, and just this past week I noticed he changed color a bit. underside: greenish blue --> whitish greenish blue sides: vibrant blue --> greyish blue head: black --> grey. there is also a slightly darker stripe running down his side that I haven't...
  12. hurgerburger

    Will having an unstocked tank mess with the cycle?

    If I were to remove a betta fish from a 5 gallon tank for ~2 weeks and put him back after, would anything bad happen in terms of ammonia spikes? it is planted and there are a bunch of small unidentified snails
  13. hurgerburger

    how to maintain an uncycled 2.5 gallon for a couple of weeks?

    That's true, I didn't even think of that. I would have to train the fish, he often misses food even when I drop it right in front of him. But I'll put that on the guide as an alternative. Thanks! And also, welcome to the forum :)! These guys have saved my butt a million times
  14. hurgerburger

    how to maintain an uncycled 2.5 gallon for a couple of weeks?

    Just wanted to reply to my own thread, what I'm going to be doing is suggest either an 80% water change daily as betta fish produce 1ppm of ammonia per gallon per day, which would equate to .4 ppm in a 2.5 gallon per day, which is frankly too much, or I'll encourage them to buy zeolite and a...
  15. hurgerburger

    how to maintain an uncycled 2.5 gallon for a couple of weeks?

    so should I tell them to bring the 5 gallon home? I'm kind of nervous about it, it's pretty heavy and I honestly feel like it would be more risky to bring that than just bring the 2.5 gallon and have them do a lot of water changes. I could also have them put some of the filter media in the 2.5...
  16. hurgerburger

    how to maintain an uncycled 2.5 gallon for a couple of weeks?

    I have been babysitting my choir class's pet betta fish for a little over a year now because of covid, and I've been working on a maybe-too-in-depth care guide so that when I eventually give him back he won't instantly die. Right now he's in a planted 5 gallon tank, a bit of an upgrade from the...