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  1. TomW

    Shrimp is molting but air bubbles have become stuck in the molt while he is still attached and so is floating, is there any way I can help him?

    So bit of a weird one, My amano shrimp is molting and as the title displays some air bubbles from the air stone have been trapped under the molt, and so hes kind of just floating around trying to get it off, is there any way I can help him or will he be alright. Heres a picture, Kind of a...
  2. TomW

    I have been dealing with ich but my tetras fins aren't looking that healthy during heat treatment

    I noticed today that a few of my tetra's fins look kind of unhealthy. Im not really sure how to describe it but I got this picture. Is this a normal side effect? As you can see the anal fin looks a bit tatty, im 90% sure this should all be one flowing fin rather than the jagged edges
  3. TomW

    Ich outbreak, Need some urgent advice

    I woke up this morning to find ich looking white spots on my pahntom tetras, i assume this outbreak occurred from a pleco i recently purchased that passed within 6 hours of being in my tank for no apparent reason as they have been fine for a month with no additions to the tank. I have purchased...
  4. TomW

    Worried about one of my guppy's, odd symptoms but hes acting fine!?

    So my tank is starting to look amazing for what I want it to be, I have a 40L tank with 6 Phantom Tetra, 4 Guppies, and 3 corydoras. However, one of my guppies is displaying some weird symptoms that I can't find anything online about. On its sides towards its head turns blackish every so often...