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    What to feed bristelnose pelco fry

    I feed mine almost exclusively Zucchini. They grow well on that, very few losses. They will start eating it as soon as their yolk sac is gone. Keep some in there all the time for them to munch on.
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    When to pull bristelnose pleco fry

    He said common Bristlenose. I think Common Plecos don't breed in captivity.
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    When to pull bristelnose pleco fry

    Take them out now. If you want to save any babies take dad and the cave out and put in their own small tank. When they come out of the cave put dad and the cave back. Everything in the community tank will eat the babies as soon as they come out of the cave. A light will upset dad but not cause...
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    Forum really slow to load pages and posting responses.

    I use Firefox. I think it is the latest version.
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    Forum really slow to load pages and posting responses.

    Never had a problem, it loads up fast for me and always has.
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    How do I cycle a tank?

    Take the filter from the broken 5 gallon and put it in the 3-1/2. It is the filter that gets cycled not the water. For the 29 when you get it. Filll with water. Put on the new 29 filter. Put in 4 ppm of ammonia. Wait until ammonia goes to, or near, zero. Keep ammonia at about 4 ppm.. After a...
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    Angel fish and fighting fish

    First of all a 60 gallon (240L) tank is plenty big enough for 4 or 5 Angelfish if not crowded with too many other fish. Second a Betta should be fine in with the Angels. I have had Bettas in Angel tanks and they pretty much just ignore each other and go their separate ways.
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    Bristlenose genetics: long fin lemon vs snow white vs albino vs red

    I don't know the genetics for red/lemon/super white, but suspect that they all might be recessive. I think the brown (wild) gene is the only dominate color one, but I could be wrong. Brown gene and Albino gene are on different Loci, I don't know about red/lemon/super white. A cross between...
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    Bristlenose genetics: long fin lemon vs snow white vs albino vs red

    Over their lifespan 50% will be Brown and 50% will be albino. Any given spawn will vary somewhat but should always yield some of each. If you know what a Punnet square is you can use it to predict what you will get in the spawn. I have not noticed any difference in clutch sizes or hatch rates...
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    Bristlenose genetics: long fin lemon vs snow white vs albino vs red

    No the calicos live in their own tank. Any Bristlenose will breed with any other so you have to keep them separate if you want to keep the strain. I do have an albino and a brown with one albino gene pair that give 50% browns and 50% albinos.
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    Bristlenose genetics: long fin lemon vs snow white vs albino vs red

    I have Calicos. I don't know what crosses produced them originally but they breed true. Two Calicos produce all Calico offspring. The Long fin gene is dominate. One long fin parent and one short fin parent will produce some longfin offspring. The Albino gene is recessive. That means two doses...
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    What breed are my angelfish?

    You have a Smokie, a Gold, And a Silver Blusher, formally called a German Blue Blusher.
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    When to pull bristelnose pleco eggs?

    Pull them now. Take dad, the cave and everything inside it to a separate tank. In a week or so the little ones will use up their yolk sac and come out of the cave looking for food. When they are all out put dad and the cave back in the community tank. Everything in your community tank will eat...
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    Cory eggs what to do?

    Put them in something that hold water. A fish bowl, a glass jar, a 2-1/2 gallon tank, etc. Put in an airline for circulation. When they hatch feed them microworms. Some people might have different feeding instructions but I only feed microworms to mine. After they are free swimming for a few...
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    Angel fish eggs... ???

    Just because there are eggs doesn't necessarily mean a male-female pair. Could well be two females. If the eggs hatch then you will know you have a male. More than likely they will eat the eggs to protect them from the other fish in the tank.
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    I have to disagree with this also. General rule of thumb for adult angels is 10 gallons per angel. A 66 gallon tank is plenty big enough for 2 angels and probably plenty big enough for 3 or 4 more.
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    Angel fish from the past

    Superveils, hard to tell from the photo but they look like Marbles. Two Veil genes. They are around but not many people like them because of the extra long saggy fins. Any two fish with a veil gene (V+) will produce some superveils (V/V).
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    Fenbendazole (Safeguard dog de-wormer) will kill the hydra overnight. Dose at 0.1 gram per 10 gallons. It will not harm the Betta or any other fish.
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    Angelfish Shoal Problems

    It is very rare for an Angel to kill another one. I have been raising Angels for over ten years and I have never seen it. Males will fight if there is a female around and females will fight if there is a male around. If a pair forms the male will keep all the others away. The female will test...
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    Angelfish Breeding Log 2nd Attempt

    Try this on. If it doesn't work just go to the learning center (bottom of the page) has lots of Angel articles, genetics is one of them.