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  1. Meg0000

    Filter or not?

    Hi, I would like to know if It's better to remove my filter on my 10g at this point. It's an interal filter but I stopped it about a month ago because of the sound. I only have 8 ember tetras and 2 small shrimps with a bunch of plants. The thing is I don't know if the bacteria are still alive...
  2. Meg0000

    Baby ember tetra in quarantine tank!!!!

    I found a baby ember tetra in my hospital tank for my pearl gourami!!! I put plants from my 10 gallon in it so I guess there were eggs from my ember tetras on them!! That's just so amazing I think:D
  3. Meg0000

    Quiet small 10 gallon internal filter

    Hi, I am looking for a good very quiet small internal filter that would be good for a 10 gallon. I am not sure if it's possible to arrange something so that the inflow of the filter is arranged in a way that small fish and shrimps can't get stuck
  4. Meg0000

    I am almost about to quit the hobby

    Hi, as you read the title I am thinking about quiting fish keeping, I am exhausted of sleeping with a very noisy filter wich is the fluval c4 (do not ever buy that) and I would need to buy a new one to sleep in peace. This leads me to another problem, money, this hobby is very pricy and I just...
  5. Meg0000

    Frustrating situation in Canada

    Hi, I just wanted to share something that happened on a facebook group in Quebec. Basically someone started a group on facebook to share his knowledge, articles and help people with their sick fish. He helped to save hundreds of fish but sold illegally medicine products that are available at a...
  6. Meg0000

    Sick pearl gourami?

    Hi, my pearl gourami has very muted colors compared to the usual, he didn't even eat today and he is the dominant fish in the aquarium, he usually push the other pearl gouramis away from the food. I will make updates everyday on the situation. He is the only fish acting weird in the aquarium...
  7. Meg0000

    Corydoras quarantine

    Hi, I have had my corys 2 weeks in a quarantine tank and they all eat and look healthy so can I add them to my main tank or is it too soon?
  8. Meg0000

    Bronze corydoras size

    Hi, I would like to know if my bronze corydoras are at their adult size. I have had them for 8 months but they have not really grown and they are about 2 inch max. Will they get any bigger?
  9. Meg0000

    High temperature in summer abd crystal red shrimps

    TEMPERATURE Hi, I will be moving my 10 gallon aquarium in the dining room this winter, the problem is that the temperature of this room gets up to 26°c in summer. I have chrystal red shrimps, is it too high for them? If it is I will be transfering them in my 55 gallon, the temperature in this...
  10. Meg0000

    Adding substrate?

    Hi, I hope everyone is having a great day! I would like to know if it's safe to add more gravel on the gravel that is already in my tank or will this disturb the bacteria or something?
  11. Meg0000

    Ember tetras in my 10 gallon! Can I add pygmy corys?

    Hi, my LFS has galaxy rasboras, brigittae rasboras and ember tetra right now, these are the 3 fish options I gave my parents for the aquarium we will have in the living room buf it's in my bedroom at the moment (I also have crystal red shrimp in it). They would like to know if we could mix two...
  12. Meg0000

    What's your favorite fish?

    Hi, I am curious to know what are other people favorite fish and why! My favorite fish right now are probably nano or small fish like pygmy or habrosus corys, green neon tetra, ember tetras, the small species of pencilfish and the croacking gourami. Also I am curious to know if people prefer...
  13. Meg0000

    Are panda corydoras hardy?

    I would like to know the experience of people who have kept panda corys.
  14. Meg0000

    Hardy small/medium size corydoras

    Hi, as some might know 2 of my bronze corydoras died, now I am left with 6 cories. I would like to add 6 other cories but I don't know what specie... I would like a specie that could live with the bronze cories (pygmaeus couldn't for exemple right?) and that is small like around 2 inch also the...
  15. Meg0000

    One white shiny dot on hengeli rasboras

    There is 1 shiny dot on the middle of the head of my hengeli rasboras on the left side. What is it?
  16. Meg0000

    corydoras problem something is wrong

    Hi, there is a problem my corys are so often at the surface and not just to take a gulp of air, they litterally stay at the surface vertically sometimes they even stop moving and just float vertically at the surface. It's been a month or so since they started doing this, I was really busy and...
  17. Meg0000

    First pearl gourami bubble nest?

    I just noticed this (picture below) at the surface of my aquarium, could this be the first attempt of my pearl gourami at doing a bubble nest?
  18. Meg0000

    Selling shrimps to my LFS

    Hi, I have 2 pregnant crystal red shrimps!! I was wondering what would be a good price for crystal red if I sell some to my LFS? They're 12$ CAD each where I live. I really don't know how much they usually buy them so I would like advice. :)
  19. Meg0000

    Help whiptai is not doing good!!

    Hi my whiptail is laying upside down and breathing heavily, looks like he has difficulty, I don't know what to do, every other fish is doing good.
  20. Meg0000

    Art, what should I do next?

    Hello, I recreated something I saw on internet, I would like to make another one when I have the time. What should I do next? I was thinking maybe blackwater tetra species starting with tucano tetra, green neon tetra ect... Or dwarf cichlid, or gouramis or killies? Too many options, oh and also...