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  1. Pricey95

    Orange sulpher head?

    Hi there. I've had this guy from a fry for over 2 years now. Never have I seen one like him, is it a hybrid or a sulpher head?
  2. Pricey95

    Micro particles

    Hi there. I'm running a 300l tank with a sump and a tmc return pump rated for 4000lph. I cannot get rid of micro stuff in the tank. I know its not micro bubbles as once the pumps off the particles remain still. I've tried different micron socks, loads of floss to polish the small particles out...
  3. Pricey95


    I've got 4 platinum convict parrots.any way to sex them?
  4. Pricey95

    Colour enhancing fish food

    My colour enhancing fish food is garunteed to colour up almost any fish. Especially cichlids. NO HORMONES! This food goes A LONG way!! 1 feed a week is all you need. 50g for £8 100g for £13 500g for £45 1 kilo for £80 Message me for before and after pictures of results. Will give a full refund...
  5. Pricey95


    Got a well established tank of peacocks and haps. Added a sunshine the other day but the sunshine just isn't getting on with one of my fish. I've tried to vent but still can't tell. What do you fish professors think?
  6. Pricey95

    Platinum RP

    Just had my 4th load of fry now of the HRP. Upon 2 months in the tank I see 3 put of 40 are jet white. The rest have their markings and colour. Could this be platinum? Out if about 300 fry I've delt with I've never seen platinum mutation. First picture you see is a standard HRP and the other...
  7. Pricey95

    Are these hormone?

    Just picked up 12 peacocks and one or two haps. All about 3.5 inches. Super colourful but starting to think they're juiced. He sell his "Special food" and certain they've been feeding white crane or a liquid hormone. Started to get into the malawi scene and have been doing a good amount of...
  8. Pricey95

    Hap or peacock?

    Hi guys, sorry if this is is the wrong section.. couldn't navigate my way through to the right place. Been sold this as a peacock but my friend believes it's a hap. Can anyone help identify the breed of this fish? Many thanks.
  9. Pricey95

    Pleco X

    My female albino laid eggs with a super red.. what would that give me? Calico? Also going to breed my albino with a common..
  10. Pricey95

    Sexing super reds

    Just got hold of a pair. Supposedly male and female. Only 2.5/3 inches. I know this is a chappy time to identify sexes. The plan is to breed some up. One does have very small bristles at the end of the mouth as the other has absolutely nothing. So presuming it's a M/F. Jjst wanted to clarify...
  11. Pricey95

    HRP x Convict

    I know the HRP is a hybrid already of the convict but was wondering the outcome or likely hood of breeding the two together?
  12. Pricey95


    Looking to breed some HRP with convicts but wasn't 100% on of this is a female. Certainly looks like one
  13. Pricey95

    Sexing my rams (Hard time)

    Hi there people. I have decided I want to breed some electric blue rams. I've got got juveniles which are a couple months old. I've observed their behaviour and asked around about their physical looks to determine the sex. I have decided that two are male and female so separated then and popped...