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    Lights in tank

    Hi all I have a black rhom about 2 years old Always hiding behind a rock in the back of tank only comes out for food I have dim lights at the back of tank . So I changed the set up Put all the rocks on the left and right if tank and put a piece of wood in center for him to hide if needed (...
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    Hi Any one with any advice on snails infestation! I have tried snail trap Picking them out Snail hoover And 5 no assassin snails I leave the lights of so they appear on glass and scrap them off but still hundreds aappear please help
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    Tank glare

    Is there any way to stop reflections on tank Position of lights ? Painted black tank with Matt black paint When tv and living room light off looks great but I don’t think kids and wife will go with that Any suggestions? Can’t put plants in as will just get destroyed by fl
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    Hi Here is my flowerhorn I been on another site and this one may be connected but was wondering if anyone can confirm what flowerhorn he is ? thanks