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    New 300ltr planted tank.

    It’s on 12mm plywood. the stand is even. OCD wouldn’t let me have surfaces that were uneven.
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    New 300ltr planted tank.

    Decided to upgrade my 240ltr to a 300ltr but didn't have a stand so I bought the materials to make my own. I knew it had to hold 300kg minimum so had to be sturdy. I got to work with 2x4's wood screws and hand tools.. Once done I put the stand and tank into place and got to work scaping it...
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    Vote Now! October 2021 Fish of the Month Contest (Bettas)

    This is Prince he is a vale tail. His home is a 50l with tropica aqua soil a bonsai with peacock moss on it, s repens and rotala OJ. He is fed frozen food daily. The water temp is at 27deg C. He shares his tank with 5 harlequin rasboras. Tank clean and WC weekly.
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    Vote Now! - May 2021 Tank of the Month Contest (31 G and larger)

    Here is my 55gal (240L) planted tank. 100cm x 40cm x 60cm. It is 4 months old so still a fairly new tank. Currently 4 dwarf gouramis, 6 orange fin danios, 3 leopard danios, 10 platies, some of which are tricolour, 3 Ottos, 1 white cloud minnow, a L134 plec and 25+ cherry shrimp. The parameters...
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    Vote Now! - April 2021 Fish of the Month (Livebearers)

    This is a male platy, mother was blue and the father was orange so a very unique mix. All the males from that brood are like that. It is about 3 months old in a 250l planted community tank (glass needs a clean) it’s in there with ottos, other platies, orange finned danios, dwarf gouramis, cherry...
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    New betta

    I think it’s a plakat tail. Lovely betta.
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    Water GH and KH

    I’ll measure them again just to be sure. Agreed wood shouldn’t drop the GH. I’ll look into the possibility of the substrate causing the drop in GH and KH
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    Water GH and KH

    No water softener, I just fill the buckets, add de-chlorinator and add to the tank. It is fairly heavily planted with wood and a few rocks. I only add flourish excel once a week and Aquidip plant food once a week.
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    Water GH and KH

    all the fish seem healthy and feed well and act like the fish should. They don’t show any signs of ill health. They have all been in the tank for a couple of months together.. hmm things to ponder.
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    Water GH and KH

    I’ve never worried too much about water hardness but because my OH has a betta we bought a GH and KH test kit. Our tap water is KH 12 and GH 20 which is Chuck Norris hard. The water in my tank is KH 4 and GH 10 And PH 6.8. Now I understand what each means but how does that relate to my tank...
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    Nano dry start.

    i started to set up my 5 gal nano and decided to attempt a dry start. I scaped the tank with gravel for height and then put a 3” layer of tropica Aqua soil on top. I added the dragon stone, moistened the soil and planted the dwarf hairgras, Monte Carlo and moss, sprayed more water on and covered...
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    first time feeding fish cucumber

    my Ottos took about 3 attempts to find the cucumber and they only feed on it now and then. If there is enough food in the tank they might not need the extra. I want my shrimp to find it now.
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    Co2 equipment.

    I'm looking at setting up a nano show tank where the aquascape will be the main feature not the livestock. I want to possibly add co2 but am clueless so need an idiots guide on equipment needed, which brands to avoid etc. I've seen some regulators on Amazon for £39. How would they compare to the...
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    Fry fry fry.

    The plan is to get rid of the platies. They were a good starter fish that if something went wrong they are hardy and would survive. The tank is 2 months old so time for them to go.
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    Fry fry fry.

    Well the 5 in the trap are all fatter than the other two and that was my logic.
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    Fry fry fry.

    The dangers of platies in a community tank is they will breed and breed and breed. I can't take any more fry so I caught the 5 females I think and have left the 2 males in the tank just needing confirmation in correct in saying the 5 in the fry net are ALL female and the others are male. Male...
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    First time shrimp keeper.

    The filter is a boyu EF35 canister filter. It is a 3 ft 250l heavily planted tank.
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    First time shrimp keeper.

    I’ve got a small net which is quite a tight knit mesh.. how long to I keep the lights off and is it wise to put a sponge over the filter inlet? It is about 6 inches off the bottom?
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    First time shrimp keeper.

    Today I bought 8 cherry shrimp. The tank is 2 months old and is heavily planted. I’ve floated the bag for about 30 min and then every 5 min added half a cup of my water to the bag for the next half hour. Do I scoop the shrimp out with a net when adding or can I just put the water and shrimp into...
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    Otocinclus help...

    I kinda figured that’s the case because it’s a franchise. I’ll go to a small independent store I found where the tanks are spotless and have a chat. The Otto died so that’s 4 fish from the same store in the last 2 weeks.