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    I came back from a 9-day vacation. I kept my baby flowerhorn fed twice a day by an automatic feeder. The water parameters are all safe (I have a section blocked off from the rest of the aquaruim for plants to grow, and it keeps the nitrate and nitrite at 0 ppm). He seems as he wants to eat, but...
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    I have a baby flowerhorn, about 1.5 inches. He is in a 80 gallon tank, but we separated off a section for him, so he has a 30 gallon space. Recently, he's been eating normally, however with sinking foods he tends to nip at them, and leave them be as soon as they touch the floor. I believe this...
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    What can I mix with my Malawi Cichlids?

    Hello, I have a 75 gal tank with 11 fish that include: Red Zebra, Kenyi, Electric Yellow, Auratus, and more. I am just wondering, what other fish can you mix with my African cichlids? My water quality (ppm): Ammonia- 0 Nitrate- 20 Nitrite- 0 Hardness- 25 Alkalinity- 90 pH- 7.8
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    Something happened to my auratus help!

    Last night I saw my Auratus spinning around like a football, so I did a 40% water change and she suddenly stopped spinning. I think that she has whirling disease or the current of my fish tank is too strong. Please help me and tell me whats wrong, thanks.