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  1. embsidney20

    Bug bites? Food recommendations for my wet pets please!

    Hello! Looking for recommendations for everyday food for my gang that is gonna make their colours pop! angel fish, honey gourami, peppered cory and green phantom. Seen a lot of good stuff about bug bites but open to anything recommended. They get blood worms and brine shrimp twice a week...
  2. embsidney20

    Roma 125 seal (or any of the romas!)

    Anyone has this happen on the trim of their roma? Just noticed it definitely wasn't there a week ago. Sealant is bulging out and over the trim. Waiting for supplier to get back to me. How worried would you be about it??
  3. embsidney20

    Please help ID My plant!

    I've had this plant for a long time and I've forgotten what it is! It's the only one that I haven't kept a label for. It's never done well but is starting to look better! Just want to check what it is so I can look up how to look after it. Thanks 😊
  4. embsidney20


    Hi The brown stuff is everywhere! I've been googling a lot and would like some clarification from someone knowledgeable before I start planning my rescape. I'd like to get this under control before adding new plants especially. I think my filter needs upgrading as it is just the one that came...
  5. embsidney20

    Honey gourami

    Hello I am going to get some honey gourami today for a 125 litre. I have never kept more than 2 but have learnt that they display better and will be happier in a small group? If that is the case, could someone advise male to female ratio and how many I can get? I was thinking 4 but would like...
  6. embsidney20

    Plants not doing great, please help!

    Hi My ferns and anubias aren't looking to great. I've recently given up on most plants other than these two as my Angelfish are demons in disguise. But now they are looking very sorry for themselves. I have dosed fluval grow plus but I don't know what I'm doing with it or if these types of...
  7. embsidney20

    Sponge filter to assist internal filter

    Hi I recently got a sponge filter (hygger double) to assist my Roma 125 with its included fluval u3 and I was wondering where would be the best place to position it? I was going to place it at the opposite end to the filter where the air stone currently is but am wondering if it should be near...
  8. embsidney20

    Unlevel tank?!

    Hi Please see attached pictures. My roma 125 has been set up for two weeks. I have noticed that the water level is slightly deeper on the left hand side by about 1/4 inch, and I've tested with a level and it IS slightly tilted (as per pic) I noticed some creaking every now and then this...
  9. embsidney20

    Cockatoos Unusual Parenting Behaviour?

    I have jus come back from holiday to find my two cockatoos in a log cave with hundreds of fry. I am guessing they are about 2-3 days old. All fry are swimming very well!! I cannot remove the young as I dont have a spare tank etc, but have read that I should remove the male as he will eat the...
  10. embsidney20

    Gold Nugget Plec Hungry?

    Plec has been in tank for 3 days, and completely ignores the algae wafers I have put in. When it swims over them it takes no notice. I have a large peice of Bog Wood in the tank which it seems quite happy on. Is this enough to keep it going? It seems quite healthy and colour dramatically...
  11. embsidney20

    Flirty / Playful Gourami? Behaviour Advise Please!

    I have recently added some fish to my new tank; 1 Tiger Loach, 1 Golden Nugget Ple. c and 2 Opaline Gouramis. They have now been settled for 3days. Plec and Loach are very active and seem happy, however my two Gouramis are very shy and wont come out of hiding unless the light is switched off...