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    Easy Corals For Beginner?

    I'm soon going to purchase my Orca 450 nano tank and I was wondering are there any corals out there that need lower lighting conditions and are hardy? I'm trying to find out for 100% what lighting the Orca has but if anyone knows please let me know. Also after the addition of live rock and live...
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    Work Experience @ Maidenhead Aquatics, East Grinstead

    Hi guys its been months since I made my last post here!! Just wanted to let you guys know I will be starting work experience at maidenhead on Monday next week so come and visit me :D I'll try my best to get you a good deal if I can lol. Will also post pics up on what you have to do to work at...
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    Show Us Your Setups :d

    it feels like forever since i last made a topic in this section :S :P i was just thinking that when i look at other people's setups even if its just a picture i learn alot and gain alot of ideas from it and so iam asking you guys to post your pics up so we can share our knowledge :)...
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    Information On Lionfish Please

    hello all iam soon hoping to start a sw tank since it is a nice change from fw. I wish to get a volitans lionfish or possibly a dwarf lionfish. Can someone please give me there water,feeding,housing requirements please as i want to make sure i can give them all their required things before i can...
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    Fishing Post Your Personal Bests Here

    havnt been fishing since the summer so havnt beaten many records last season but here is my pb bream 5lb
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    Dimidiochromis Compressiceps With Normal Water Conditions?

    I understand the size that Dimidiochromis compressiceps (malawi eye biter) can get to but iam just wondering would the water requirements that they need be to different to a regular freshwater tank that I could not keep the two together?
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    Jaguar Cichlids Spawning

    well thats another species bred that i can tick off my list :) :good: enjoy the pics and i will be uploading a video soon and you can see the eggs come out of the females breeding tube :good: pre spawning the actual spawn will add more pics later and vid :good:
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    Free Download Like Photo Shop

    this was reccomended by someone on another forum so i tried it out and i love the results here is the link and here are the results before after
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    All About Our Members Interview

    I thought that we should do an interview so newbies can get new ideas and get to know us better. Please copy and paste the questions and put your own answers. If you would not like to put an answer because you believe it is to personal please put N/A 1.what is your name? Wilson Tang old...
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    Sum 41 New Album

    yes you read the title right they've got a new album coming out soon :D they are making it in los angeles at the present but unfortunately it won't be with be with the beloved dave :( just thought you sum 41 fans would like to know :good:
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    Congratulations To Our Jimboo

    :good: :good: well done jimboo I've ordered my july's copy and hope to see you in there :D everyone who hasnt been following the threads check out the website and you can just manage to see him and his amazing tank :D again well done mate
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    Update Pics From K.g Bettas

    mettallic blue pk blue/redwash sd cellophane pk enjoy :D
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    Whats Your Favourite Comedy Movie

    you cant beat a good old american pie or scary movie
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    New Fish

    arrived here at 9:30am and heat pack still warm all fish in good condition pictures of the box and the fish zaire green polypterus sorumbim lima(shovelnose lima) Crenicichla geayi(half banded pike cichlid) enjoy will get more pics soon thanks again.
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    Rescue Update Of Beaver

    remeber this guy well here he is:D okay heres some pics of beaver he's doing much better now and his tail is starting to grow back to its full potential and who could forgett the parrot his tankmate all the way through the...
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    More Fish From K.g Bettas

    this is a cellophane pk his bubblenest 2 superdelta males a mettalic blue plakat female more to come have pics of mettalic blue pk still to come sorry for the bluryness
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    Finally Got Cam To Work

    sorry not very clear took with video camera
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    Arowana Eating A Prawn Video
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    Got New Aro

    as you may no my aro died and my parents could obviously see I wasnt doing much except from staring at the empty tank so my dad took me to the lfs for some strange reason as he never takes me unless it was a day off and he said I could get a new arowana but a silver because asians are too much...
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    Any Info On Histrix And Reticulata

    would really like to know more about these rays as might be intrested to get 1