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    Roseline shark not moving

    My roseline shark is just floating like this in the water and barely moving every 30 seconds or so. Any idea what’s going on? There is a lot of algae so just cleaned the tank and 40% water change. Keep having amano shrimp disappear so could he be the culprit? 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 10 nitrates 180...
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    Any advice on how to clear this up?

    I have algae that is taking over my tank despite 2 water changes a week and constant cleaning. I dose Excel every other day and Flourish twice a week. Lights are on 6 hours. Any advice on how to clean it up would be appreciated.
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    Purple and teal algae?

    I’m starting to get green algae and just noticed this bright teal and purple algae in the sand. Does anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it?
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    Bump on cory

    It’s hard to get a good picture because it won’t stop moving but one of my cories has a big bump under it. Anyone have any idea what it could be?
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    Hurt angelfish

    I found it stuck under a decoration. Is this damage from that or some sort of bacterial infection?
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    Algae Eater

    I have some brown algae in a planted community tank and am trying to decide between a super red bn pleco or a crew of ottos or amano shrimp(Caridina multidentata) to help out with it. The algae isn’t hard to wipe off but I wouldn’t mind some help on some of the ornaments and tough to get to spots.
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    pH spike

    I just tested my water and the pH is showing up bright purple in the api test kit (8.8) It is normally at a steady 7.8 and the only thing I’ve done to the tank is get a new light and added some SeaChem Clarity to take care of some small sand particles floating around. Would the Clarity cause it...
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    American Flag Fish

    Has anyone had American flagfish (Cyprindon floridae) in a community tank? After reading about them it seems they are peaceful fish but could be fin nippers? If that’s true I don’t know if they would be a good idea with my angelfish.
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    Good top water fish

    I got neon tetras to fill the top of my tank but mine like to hand out in the middle in the vals in the back. I was looking at the clown killi but between the bubbles and filter I think I have too much movement for them. Any other recommendations?
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    Penguin Biowheel

    I have a penguin biowheel 200 in my 29 gallon tank. Does anyone know how effective the wheel is in breeding bacteria (will my tank cycle again when I change out the inserts)? On a similar note, what does the carbon chemical filtration do (if anything)?
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    Heating to 82 degrees on lowest setting

    I have a 200W heater that came with my 29 gallon tank and even with the dial turned all the way to the right it’s keeping my tank around 82. I unplugged it for a couple of hours today with the lights on to make sure it wasn’t that and the temperature fell to about 79 before I plugged it back...
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    LED light recommendations

    I have a 29 gallon tank that I’m adding plants to. It came with a 20W light but from what I was reading for the plants I need about 60-90 watts. I think my current bulb is heating up my tank so was looking to get a LED but am not sure what to go with as there are what seems like millions of...
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    Breeding box recommendations

    Apparently 3 of the ghost shrimp I got from the LFS are pregnant so does anyone have a recommendation for a good breeding box for them?
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    Types of plants

    I’m adding Java fern, hornwort, green cabomba carolina, dwarf sagittaria subulata, and cork screw vallisneria and wanted to know if any are root feeders that I need root tabs for or if they all would be fine with liquid fertilizer
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    New Substrate

    I used black gravel from an old tank when setting up my new one but it is starting to chip so I am looking for something new. I was looking at this CaribSea Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate but wanted to check if anyone had any other recommendations. I have corys, ghost shrimp, a dwarf...
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    Name that plant

    Does anyone know what plants these are?
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    Leaving small blue/black led and red volcano on all night

    I have a small led light strip in one corner of my tank that is set to come on at night when the main lights go off and a red led volcano airstone on all the time. After reading some articles it seems there are mixed opinions on whether it is ok to leave these lights on at night or if the fish...
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    Nitrates and ammonia with no nitrites

    I’m about 2 weeks into a fish in cycle and have ammonia and nitrates but have been testing every day and haven’t seen any nitrites. I have been using SeaChem Prime and Stability to protect the fish and introduce the bacteria but am not sure what’s going on. The pH also rose to around 7.8 up from...