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  1. ellamay

    Green/brown water from driftwood

    I’ve had this piece of driftwood (middle) in my tank for a few months and since it’s been in there it’s making the water look so green!!! I soaked the wood for two weeks changing the water every few days before it even went in and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Is this normal? When I...
  2. ellamay

    Green hair algae & cleaning tips

    Before I start, I realize I should've taken a 'before photo' of my algae situation, but I didn't think about posting here until I'd finished cleaning. So the photo attached is the after photo. So a couple of weeks ago I noticed green hair algae growing on a couple of my plants so today I...
  3. ellamay

    Frozen brine shrimp vs bloodworms

    I have ember tetras, cory's and a betta in my 105l tank. I was thinking about adding some frozen food to their diets. Is there any nutritional differences between the frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp? I'm mostly thinking about the frozen food for the betta to be honest, I was thinking...
  4. ellamay

    Things growing on wood.. identification?

    I’ve noticed two different things growing on the spider wood in my tank. These little black dots and the light colour stringy bits. I do have black sand which I initially assumed the black bits were but they look slightly smaller and darker than the sand. A lot of it is attached all around the...
  5. ellamay

    Fat ember tetra chasing others

    I’ve got one fat looking ember tetra chasing other ember tetras away from the middle of the tank during feeding time. Everyone else is getting along fine, it’s just this one that’s being rude. It’s also quite fat and slightly larger than the others so I’m not sure if it’s a female about to lay...
  6. ellamay

    Wood shrimp stuck in filter. Please help!

    My shrimp have moved into my filter. I thought they were hiding because they shed the day after I got them last week but I’ve just found them in here and I can’t get them out. What should I do?? I read online to leave them alone after they molt because they need to harden up but I’m worried...
  7. ellamay

    Water Hardness Questions

    I've attached a photo of the kind of rock I have in my tank, would this affect the water hardness in any way? only other things I have in my tank is plants and a cave and some smooth pebbles. My water hardness is normally around 20. I've been trying to find a type of cory which will be suitable...
  8. ellamay

    How often should I change my filter cartridge?

    I’ve had my tank up and running for about 6 weeks ish. Just put some fish and 2 shrimp in a couple of days ago. I was told on here not to change my filter cartridge yet but it’s looking very brown! I did try to clean it in the old tank water but it seems pretty hard to clean compared to other...
  9. ellamay

    Wood shrimp feeding

    I made my first shrimp purchase yesterday. Two wood shrimp. This piece of wood goes up to a couple of inches below where the water flows out of the filter. I know they need to catch their food in the moving water so I’m hoping this is good enough! I can make adjustments if anyone thinks I need...
  10. ellamay

    Best / worst types of corydoras?

    Hello!! Not sure if it really makes any difference but is there any specific kinds of corys people recommend/ don’t recommend. I know some kinds of fish can get health conditions based on how they’ve been bread. I’ve been looking at peppered, pandas and false Julii corys just based on which ones...
  11. ellamay

    I think I’ve messed up my first Cycle.. advice please

    I’m on day 19 of my first tank cycle. I think I’ve messed up. I’ve been using the advice on this forum to cycle my tank but I think I must’ve read somewhere else that if my ammonia was below 0 it would make the pH go down so I needed to make sure I’m adding more. And I think I’ve added ammonia...
  12. ellamay

    Filter change while cycling

    I’m just over a month into cycling my first tank. I have a tetra easy crystal filter which came with a replacement filter pack C. Do I need to replace this now as it’s been 4 weeks or will that get rid of some of the healthy bacteria I’ve been building up??
  13. ellamay

    Cycling questions..

    I’m currently cycling my tank using the fish less method posted on here, I’ve been told not to do any water changes until it’s done but am I ok to siphon out some of the white stuff that’s come out of the wood? I’d have to put some water back in though as it’s almost going below the line on the...
  14. ellamay

    White algae?

    I’ve only just started cycling my tank and today my partner noticed this white stuff on the wood in my tank. It looks like tiny jellyfish. Is there anything I need to do about this? I’ve been advised not to change the water until I’m done cycling. It was VERY green in there yesterday, looks...
  15. ellamay

    Beginner to fish keeping: cycling questions

    Hello! I’ve got a 105l tank, I started it 3 days ago and have put a double dose of filter boost day 1, then a normal dose today (day 3) and will continue to do this every other day for the first week as it says on the bottle. The tank was very cloudy yesterday and today it’s looking green with...
  16. ellamay

    Substrate advice

    Hello! I'm new to fish keeping and have been doing my research for a couple of months. Got my tank ordered & done water checks. I'm after a bit of advice about what substrate is best for aquascaping as I'm very interested in this, but I'll also be getting some corydoras so I'll also need...
  17. ellamay

    Beginner tips?

    I’m really interested in aquascaping but I’ve also read a lot of different opinions on what substrate corys need so I’m wondering if there’s something that would work well for my plants AND corys? Do fertilisers for the plants affect the fish in any way? What fertilisers are best? Do I need...
  18. ellamay

    Seachem Ammonia & pH Alert

    I've just ordered my first tank (105l) and I've been researching everything for a few months, has anyone used the Seachem pH and Ammonia alerts?? I've seen really mixed reviews. I would obviously do actual water tests as well.
  19. ellamay

    Beginners Advice

    Hi!! I'm new to the forum and new to fish. I work with animals so I've always had an interest in fish but haven't started properly researching until recently. It's really important to me that it's not trial and error for the first few months. I want to know as much as possible before starting so...