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    Weird acting Swordtail

    Hi, My female Swordtail acting very strangely on the past few days. she doesn't eat very much(or not at all), staying on the bottom of the tank. I got more 4 Swordtails and they seem to be ok. My tank is 100 litters, it's community planted tank with Guppies and Cories. All water parameters are...
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    How to feed Corys in community tank

    Hi, I have 6 Sterabai Corys in my 30 gallons community tank. I have also Guppies and Swordtails in the tank, they are very very hungry. How do I manage to feed the Corys well enough with the others won't eat all of their food? I got sinking waffles and bloodworms but the Guppies and...
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    Thin Swordtail

    Hi, My male Swordtail started to become very think early. He became very very think although he is eating a lot, he is swimming very strangely(like he is struggling). I had ich in the aquarium last week and I was treating it with Cupramarine - all the white spots has gone but I need to wait...
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    Balloon Moly fish pergnant

    Hi, My female balloon moly fish Isolated herself since this morning at the top of the water. also the male keep harassing her more than usual. should I move her to labor tank? Pic included. Thanks!
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    Pregnant Guppy

    Hi, I have got this guppy 2 days ago from pet store. On your opinion, how close to labor is she? She is eating, quite aggressive, swimming in one spot a lot, but she isn't hiding or something like that.. I attached some photos.
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    Help with pregnant Guppy

    Hi, one of my female guppies gave birth last night. I think I know which one was it because she isolated herself a lot the past two days and didn't eat much. I wanna ask you guys if you think that the other female is pregnant or not.. I attach some pictures(the best I could get..) Thanks a alot.