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  1. Colin_T

    Woo Hoo, I got somewhere to live

    Not quite as good as it sounds. Woo Hoo, yes I finally got a place to live. I moved in yesterday and got evicted today. The real estate agent is a female dog and causing problems, so she told the property owner I was a bad tenant. Kind of odd considering she recommended me to begin with. But I...
  2. Colin_T

    FUPLIE PHONES pt2 need to vent

    The mobile phone and internet are still playing up and the phone company (Optus) are not calling me back like they say they will. The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) hasn't bothered to call me back either. I spent 4 hours on the phone to Optus yesterday getting the run around and...
  3. Colin_T

    Anyone watch the TV shows called Bluey?

    Just started watching this. It's about a family of blue heelers. It's for the kids but adults will have a giggle too. I thought the first episode "Phones" was appropriate to me :)
  4. Colin_T


    as the title says I can't think of much else to say, it's been a crap year
  5. Colin_T


    I still have issues with this bucket of crap mobile phone. I need to find a new internet provider/ phone company because the one I am with is freakin useless and the phone and internet drop out all the time. It also has really slow speeds (0.5mbps download). I look online and there is so much...
  6. Colin_T

    I hate hot weather

    We are 24 days into summer and Perth's summer temperatures are going up and making life miserable. It was 37C (99F) today and there are northerly and easterly winds blowing now and they have been blowing all night. I can't open the windows due to the dust blowing around and is it still 30C (86F)...
  7. Colin_T

    How do you make donations to the forum?

    Just noticed there is a donations button. How are members meant to donate to the forum?
  8. Colin_T

    My name is Earl

    Anyone else seen this show? Just watching it on dvd and it's hilarious.
  9. Colin_T

    On the 12th day of Christmas

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Twelve chicken drumsticks Eleven bunnies roasting Ten tasty landlords Nine ladies dancing :) Eight maids are milking Seven swans for dinner Six itti bitti kitties Five squid rings Four noisy birdies Three french fries Two delicious...
  10. Colin_T

    Forum really slow to load pages and posting responses.

    For the last few months I have had to wait a long time for pages to load. It can take 5 minutes for the general forum page to load up. And when I try to post a response, sometimes it does it straight away like it should. But other times it tries to do it and 5 minutes later it gives up and the...
  11. Colin_T

    AHHHH My head is about to explode

    Sorry, this is a rant thread and I need to vent or I'm gonna go off (the blood vessels in my head are gonna go pop) and do something real bad. I moved up to Perth a couple of months ago and bought a USB internet dongle so I could use the internet. It didn't work on my desktop pc, which has my...
  12. Colin_T

    Can I use my phone's internet on my laptop?

    I am still trying to figure out this stupid smart phone. Believe me, it's not very smart to upset me when you are a plastic phone. Any way, does anyone know if I can use my phone's internet on my laptop? Basically I have been using a separate usb internet dongle for my laptop's internet, and I...
  13. Colin_T

    Who needs television when you have people fighting in carparks

    Just sitting here in the car at the hardware store watching people do their thing. About 15 minutes ago a couple of people started having a screaming contest (lovers tiff) and everyone is either stopping to watch them, or ignoring them and going straight to their cars. I am watching them because...
  14. Colin_T


    Don't answer this thread if you can't tell me how to use my phone in simple stupid plain boring English because I am losing the plot with this and with Optus (the company that made it). I finally got a mobile phone (never had one before and never used one) but there is no instruction book and I...
  15. Colin_T

    How to make a battery powered air pump

    I saw this on YouTube and thought the first item made was ingenious.
  16. Colin_T

    Need some help with my laptop

    I have a piece of rubbish Acer Aspire7 craptop computer. A few months ago the laptop just stopped working and the screen went black. I thought it went dormant/ inactive because it had not been used for about 20 minutes. It was completely unresponsive and I had to hold the power button down for...
  17. Colin_T

    TV show we used to watch in the late 80s and early 90s.

    It was called Agro's Cartoon Connection and starred Mr Agro Vation (Agro the little fury puppet), and Anne Marie (blonde chick). This was an afternoon kids TV show hosted by these two and they had some interesting adventures. The following link is one of their adult blooper collection and a lot...
  18. Colin_T

    I was a PPE covid zombie

    I was taken to the hospital the other night and put on 24 hour suicide watch. I have issues about drug resistant bacteria because I watched my pets, family and friends die from it. So I was taken to hospital in a PPE suit with mask, goggles, the whole lot. It was the only way the cops and ambos...
  19. Colin_T

    British Columbia burning after hottest day on record

    Just saw this on the news. British Columbia hit 49.5C today, and it's their hottest day on record. Then on top of that, bush fires (wild fires) have burnt a town to the ground. Byron, is that anywhere near you? If yes, are you ok? What's the weather normally like there at this time of year? I...
  20. Colin_T

    one of my horns is starting to come through

    I was laying down yesterday and massaging my forehead when I noticed a lump above my left eye. I checked the right side and no lump. I have a horn growing on my forehead. The other one better hurry up and grow coz I will look dumb with a horn on one side of my head but not the other side. This...