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  1. FishNturt808

    Gold Severum and Polar Blue Parrot breeding?

    Although, they are making different color blood parrots now as well, and I don’t mean the way they did it in the past with dye injections. These new ones (that I know of) are ‘panda parrots,’ black and white, and ‘Santa parrots,’ orange with a white spot on the head.
  2. FishNturt808

    Gold Severum and Polar Blue Parrot breeding?

    Oh no. Once they get established in their territory all the convict comes out. I had a group of 7, 3 males, 4 females. And they were complete demons. Responsible for the death of 2 standard convicts, a firemouth, and a blue acara. Had to rehome most of them. (I kept 2) I even had the males in a...
  3. FishNturt808

    Gold Severum and Polar Blue Parrot breeding?

    Polar blues have absolutely no blood parrot in their genetics. It is one of those industry falsehoods. They are just short body convicts, with a fancied up name.
  4. FishNturt808

    OMG my Aunubias Flowered (pics)!

    I was using seachem florish, but have since switched to aquarium co-op’s all in one(easy green I think). I also use florish excel. But, it started flowering before any of that was done consistently.
  5. FishNturt808

    OMG my Aunubias Flowered (pics)!

    I don’t know? 🤷🏽‍♂️ Mine started blooming after about 6-8 months of being in my tank. It shoots up a flower about once a month or so now
  6. FishNturt808

    OMG my Aunubias Flowered (pics)!

    You’ll just have to trim it off after it runs it’s course. At least that’s what I do with mine, which is flowering right now too!
  7. FishNturt808

    Why did my shrimp die. :(

    The other two kinda nailed the advice on the head for ya. Ph, and hardness of water do tend to play into shrimp keeping more as well. So, if your water changes cause those numbers to fluctuate it could cause shrimps to die, especially the weaker immuned feeders. So I’ll just throw in, when...
  8. FishNturt808

    Flourish Glue? First time

    It’s the same process as any other gel super glue. Put a little dab, place the plant, spritz it with water, place in the tank.
  9. FishNturt808

    Curious; Used tank prices

    It depends on your location and what’s readily available. I think I paid 100$-150$ for a used 55 with stand. Which ended up leaking twice, from 2 different locations, so I have decided it’s worth the extra money to just buy new. With filters, as long as you trash the media, and do a thorough...
  10. FishNturt808

    BP Cichlids in a 55 gallon

    Due to being a hybrid, blood parrot males tend to be sterile. My female has laid eggs, however none hatched, even with the firemouth boyfriend she had at the time. In my opinion if you got them both young a pair of blood parrots would be fine in a 55.
  11. FishNturt808

    My tanks….

    Over the last couple months I’ve gone thru and re-arranged all my tanks….I’m quite happy with them now. Most of the fish and plants are the same. Just a bit of rescaping and shuffling of fish. My flowerhorn did die. So I moved my blood parrot into the 75, and got some angels for the 40 (for the...
  12. FishNturt808

    AquaBarb - November 2021 Tank of the Month Winner! (31 gal and larger)

    Congratulations!! Such a beautiful tank.
  13. FishNturt808

    Peacock gudgeons, one acting weird

    Also when did you get them? And the cories? When I’m that time did you add the caves? That’s a lot of things going on in a tank especially in a short period of time.
  14. FishNturt808

    One fish you really want but you dont have.

    Most reputable places cover any shipping deaths. I’ve had to have a few fish shipped in. I’m in Hawaii, so they had to fly a long way, and they’ve all survived the shipping process. But it is winter now, so I guess most of the mainland has to worry about winter weather
  15. FishNturt808

    One fish you really want but you dont have.

    There’s also the butterfly pleco. They get a little bigger than the zebra and clown, but from what I’ve read on them, with darker substrate they get the black/white stripes like the zebra
  16. FishNturt808

    One fish you really want but you dont have.

    Yeah they are a nice little fish. I have 2 now cause I didn’t get that zebra hah. They are so darn shy tho. Gotta catch them with the lights out to see them
  17. FishNturt808

    One fish you really want but you dont have.

    If I see one in there again it’s definitely coming home with me
  18. FishNturt808

    One fish you really want but you dont have.

    At the time I didn’t know where I would put it. And I didn’t know how much they normally go for. I only have a Petco, and 2 pet shops with fish sections to shop at. I don’t know why it was so cheap. Especially since everything else is always so much more expensive. A 40g breeder goes for like...
  19. FishNturt808

    Easy Red Plants

    That’s what I was saying. Just outta the chance someone just fills it out, why take it off ya know
  20. FishNturt808

    One fish you really want but you dont have.

    I saw one randomly at my fish/pet shop, it was only $35, I stalled on pulling the trigger, went in a day or two later ready to bring it home, and it was already gone :( Settled on the clown pleco. Still want that zebra hahah