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  1. AilyNC

    Accidental Peppered Cory baby

    I say accidental because I just left them to it & didn't realise there was a baby until this week :rofl: It's so teeny but getting more brave & coming out more from it's hiding spots.
  2. AilyNC

    Bit of a bullying Endlers problem

    Hey I've 7 Endlers all male. I really regret getting these fish because all the do is fight. Everyone else in the tank are chilled & happy (some pseudomogil rainbowfish, peppered cory & a reclusive false zebra Pleco). The tank is well established & no issues with water parameters. It's got lots...
  3. AilyNC

    My once terrible tank has settled nicely

    This is the 16G/58litre tank i got in July '20. It became a crazy fish in cycle mess that brought me to this site. It's been months of easy going -
  4. AilyNC

    All snails die in my tanks

    Longest snail survival was an MTS but tank was cycling and after 2 weeks it died. I then got a Red Union snail for a different tank. It moved around for few hours then not at all for days. After 4 days it was clearly dead. A good while passes so I tried 3 nerite snails. Two for bigger tank...
  5. AilyNC

    Nerite snails with damaged shell

    I noticed holes in shell of my snail. I didn't notice these when i got them on Wednesday but did see white damage like a scrape on one shell. Another snail in different tank also looks like opening in top of shell. I got 3 snails on Wednesday.
  6. AilyNC

    Floating plant for fast current & some splashes

    My frogbit has done terribly in both tanks. I do have quite a bit of flow along the surface & Aquaball filters really give a bit of splash too. My salvinia is even doing badly now. Any advice about a floating plant that doesn't mind a bit of swirl & splash? I just bought some giant Vallis for...
  7. AilyNC

    Eheim pickup 160 is WAY too much for 58L/16 G

    Oh wow. My filter broke in the 58L tank i have. I decided to buy Eheim pickup 160 as it's from 60L up. I thought the pickup 60 was possibly too small as it's max 60L. Well I just blew the heads of my enders! :rofl: :eek: even turning it down it was just a whirlpool machine. I had to swap it...
  8. AilyNC

    Forktail Blue-Eyed Rainbow Fish - it's happening!!

    It's finally happening. I can't believe it! I had some extra work come in so decided to make a purchase & cover the delivery fee. I've 10 Forktail Blue-Eyed Rainbow Fish coming this week for my 58L tank. Currently tank has 7 male endlers & some platy fry that will be going to the fish shop...
  9. AilyNC

    Egg Tumbler for Eggs layers

    Are these worth getting for egg layers? I keep saying I'll vac up eggs and don't want more fry but then eggs or fry appear and I feel too mean not trying to help survival.
  10. AilyNC

    Bronze Cory immediately ate eggs

    I just spotted some eggs on my glass and immediately the bronze cories came up to eat them. There's none left now on the glass. No time to get a fry/egg set up ready. I wonder should I?
  11. AilyNC

    Aquarium Kitchen Island

    Saw this in a self build FB group. As in build/extend your own home. All the comments are hilarious. Imagine the nightmare of water changes... Though you are close to the sink.
  12. AilyNC

    Cory just died. Worried about others. Hope someone can help.

    We looked at tank 8:30am. All seemed ok. Few mins later noticed very still, very pale looking Cory. I thought it was dead but it moved. I started setting up a hospital tank. The Cory was swimming erratically. Seemed to be twisting & turning. Then it died. By 9am. I don't know what happened...
  13. AilyNC

    My Platy fry

    I've 5 that were born in August, 4 from September, 3 from late Sept/early October, and another 3 this month too. The oldest 9 are from same dad that we never met as Mom arrived pregnant. The next 6 are from a dad I had in tank. I returned mom + dad to fish shop. I just can't be getting fry...
  14. AilyNC

    Bendy spine White Cloud Mountain Minnow

    I got this fish on Friday. It had a curved spine. I thought I'd wait a few days & see if it was injury & improving. I posted about it in another thread but I think this part of my post got lost. So posting seperately as I worried about other fish catching something. The tank is getting wormer &...
  15. AilyNC

    Arghhhh stocking error with WCMM

    Yesterday evening I picked up 10 White Cloud Mountain Minnows for my 127L/34G tank. I have just been so frickin focused on ph/gh challenge with stocking my tank that it never occurred to me to check temp. This morning I was reading up on the WCMM care guide & see they need Max 22 degrees...
  16. AilyNC

    Injured make cherry barb

    I've 10 Cherry Barb - 2 M & 8F. One male is bigger & has a section of the tank he's decided is his. There's plenty of chasing between the male's. I thought it was harmless but one has an injury on his head. He's still swimming normally chasing the other male and females. Hard to get pic as he's...
  17. AilyNC

    Filter set up advice

    I've a 127L/34G tank that's 36" x 12" x 18". Inside I've 2 x Eheim Aquaball 130, set to 3/4 or 1/2 output speed. One has the spray bar set high so it creates a waterfall & ripple. The other has the turbo output which acts like an air stone. It's pointed downward & towards the front. In the...
  18. AilyNC

    Temp query

    I'm thinking about the fish that will added to my new tank but also what I have planned for my older tank. I kept my heaters at 25C/77F because that's what they came set at. With ICH I raised temp in one tank & it's lowering now. My question is with a community tank do you aim for mid range of...
  19. AilyNC

    If I burn my tank will ich & worms survive

    I've just finished my 4th dose of wormer (NTL Anti-Fluke & Wormer). So that's a month of one a week doses followed by water change 24-48hrs later. Did these worms come from my fish? Do I need to keep using wormer & is it safe to do so when box says only 4 doses? Active Ingredients...
  20. AilyNC

    I purchased an injured Cherry Barb

    I got a Cherry Barb today (well I got several) & fish lady was struggling to catch them & kinda bashing net about. I think she injured one or she just gave me an injured one. It's swimming a bit tilted to it's good side and has a white area that looks injured. Swimming about lots but definitely...