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    Identify this plant please

    Looks like a Pogostemon Stellatus
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    Whats the best Hang on Back (HOB) Filter

    I like Seachem Tidal hob. Self starting, good size media basket, maintenance indicator and surface skimmer.
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    Flushable Pets - September 2021 Tank of the Month Winner (16 gal and smaller)

    Congrats! Awesome nano! Welcome to the 2X club 😁
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    Bolivian Ram Not Getting Enough Food

    Well, im not the OP but i may have a solution. Use a coral feeder. You can get it on Amazon. Basically its a long pippette. I feed my fish using this. I can feed up high and down low so everything gets thier fill. Just put the food in a small container ( i use a shot glass) filled with water and...
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    Waterbabe - August 2021 Tank of the Month Winner (31 Gallons and Larger)

    Wooo! Congratz Waterbabe! Awesome display! Well deserved win!
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    Vote Now! - August 2021 Tank of the Month Contest (31G & larger)

    Hello all! Here is my 135G planted tank. The tank is only about a month old and is an upgrade from a 50G. Yes, all that you see was in a 50 gallon! I just added some big river rocks I picked up at a gardening store and added a couple of large manzanita driftwood. Old bio media and substrate was...
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    Razzmattaz - June 2021 Fish of the Month Winner (Tetras)

    I just used my phone. Galaxy Note 9
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    Razzmattaz - June 2021 Fish of the Month Winner (Tetras)

    Wow! Thank you so much for selecting my congo for FOTM. And thanks to all the other participants for sharing pics of thier tetras!
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    Vote Now! - June 2021 Fish of the Month Contest (Tetras)

    This is one of six Congo Tetras we have in our 50G. Currently they share thier home with around 50 other fishes. Neons, Pristellas, Emperors, Rummynose, Harlequin rasboras, corys, Honey gouramis, Otos, SAE and a few others They all get along well and shows no signs of aggression other than a few...
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    50G Planted Tank

    My red plants started to get really red when I started injecting CO2. No supplemental iron dosing. The device is a wavemaker powerhead. I only turn it on for a few minutes before a water change. It helps stir up detritus. Fishes dont like it tho since it blows them all over the place.
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    50G Planted Tank

    Just sharing some pics of my 50G.
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    I think I need to redo my tank. Any advice? I am sorry in advance for all these posts lately.

    Are you using pure RO water? Whats wrong with your tap water? I personnally mix RO and tap so I dont have to remineralize. The plants you mentioned pretty much low light plants. Hygrophyla is a stem plant so it basically get its nutrients from the water column. You may want to change your...
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    Vote Now! - February 2021 Tank of the Month (31 Gallons and larger)

    Hello all! Im presenting my 50G (36"×15wx22h) planted tank. Its 3 months old and an upgrade from a previous 36G bowfront. Parameters are: Temp at 77F, 0/0/20, Ph 6.4-7.2 depending on what time of day I test due to CO2 injection. KH and GH at 6. Water changes are done weekly and 30% is changed...
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    Staghorn algae

    I used hydrogen peroxide to kill off staghorn. Seems like this type of algae thrives in high flow areas. Anyways, i have not lost any livestock using this method but I dont have any shrimp. I attached some airline tubing to a spray bottle and a rigid tubing on the other end. Used 3ml of peroxide...
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    Naterjm - January 2021 Tank of the Month Winner (17 - 30 G)

    Congratulations! Love the setup!
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    Plant Growing Advice!

    I got some PSO from Co op. Easy plant to grow. It started slow for a few weeks and just took off. Stick em anywhere for the most part. Pretty much feeds of the water column. I used the same fertz too with good results.
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    Plant Suggestions

    Pogostemon Stellatus (Octopus) makes a nice background plant. Long narrow leaves, easy and grows pretty fast. I also like Cabombas. Repens are nice but the bottom leaves tend to die if it doesnt get enough light.
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    Little holes in my plant

    Could be the plant adjusting to its new enviroment or lack of potassium or its sensitive to "liquid co2" (not really liquid co2 but pretty much an algaecide with its main ingredient is glutaraldehyde) I use "liquid co2" from time to time too.
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    Razzmataz - 2020 Tank of the Year Winner!

    Wow! Thank you so much! Im so humbled to have this honor. I really enjoyed looking at the other entries. They are all awesome tanks! Again, thank you!