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  1. FishNturt808

    Bristlenose surprise!

    My albino (Peach) and super red (Carrot) bristlenose’s had another batch of fry! This would be batch 2. The last one got eaten by the tank mates, I suspect this batch will be too 😬 But here’s the best pic I could take of the baby I saw
  2. FishNturt808

    New lil buddy

    Just picked this lil guy/girl up yesterday. Hanging in a ‘grow out’ tank till it’s big enough to possibly go in with my flowerhorn.
  3. FishNturt808

    Anubias flowers…let’s see em!

    Mine is flowering for the second time. The first time it flowered it was less than spectacular. This time around it’s looking a bit better….in my opinion 🤷🏽‍♂️
  4. FishNturt808

    My tanks….

    Mts hit and it hit hard and fast….. 75 gallon flowerhorn and a sailfin pleco. 55 gallon an assortment of neo shrimps, lambchop rasbora, zebra danios, neon tetra, honey gourami, and a red tail shark. 55 gallon female polar blues, blue acara, Buenos Aires tetra, x-ray tetra, and bristlenose...
  5. FishNturt808

    DIY tank decor/backgrounds/hardscapes

    So the superglue on my sandfall (underwater waterfall) has starting failing, rocks coming dislodged. Has anyone sculpted foam and coated it to put in their aquarium? It’s in my shrimp tank so I don’t want it to affect water parameters (ph, gh, kh), but I’ll need it heavy enough to sink the foam...
  6. FishNturt808

    75 gallon tank and stand

    So moved in to a new place. Rewarded myself with a new 75 gallon finally (even got the now live-in girlfriend’s consent). Living on Maui, it’s tough to get anything large shipped in, so decided to build my own stand, wood from Home Depot being way cheaper than the shipping alone. after 1st...
  7. FishNturt808

    What ya think this is....?

    This lil guy came in my last shrimp purchase. (Pic is while it was still in the bag, only way I could get it camera) my guess is its a guppy of some sort, only time will tell ??‍♂️
  8. FishNturt808

    Newest set up

    Still in the process of moving, but I upgraded my 20gallon (long) to this spare 55 I had been using for my water change tank. But I needed a larger home for my red tail shark, so here it is. I couldn’t be more happy. I also added some cherry shrimp, and a sand waterfall. I don’t know about you...
  9. FishNturt808

    Of course...firemouth and blood parrot

    Well, it’s moving day, and I have these two, guarding their eggs. And all this time I thought my blood parrot, Cheeto, was a boy.....??‍♂️
  10. FishNturt808


    So I’m moving at the end of the month. My water is going to up ph, and hardness. What should I do to minimize stress and damage to my fishes. I don’t know the exact gh and kh, but I know its higher than where I’m at. Ph is about 7-7.4 where I’m at now. Going up to 8-8.4 range. Drip the new water...
  11. FishNturt808

    Honey gourami tankmate question

    I recently got a honey gourami, currently in a tank with 8 zebra danios, I don’t know that I want another honey gourami, so my question is do they go well with other gourami’s? Or it it strictly honey with honey?
  12. FishNturt808

    I did a thing

    So, what once was my quarantine tank, has now become my temporary ‘Asian biotope’ set up. It’s a 20 gallon long, eventually gonna become at least a 55 gallon (there’s a juvenile red tailed shark so it needs the space). Had it running on a tetra whisper 10(hob) and a sponge filter. Just swapped...
  13. FishNturt808

    Convict cichlids

    So I just got a pair of convicts shipped in to me. I want to keep them quarantined, but I also don’t want babies. They are still juvenile, but it’s looking like one is a male and one is a female. I know they are prolific breeders (online research), you guys think the time in quarantine is gonna...
  14. FishNturt808

    Amazon sword

    I put an Amazon sword in a few weeks back, when I still had a turtle in the tank, and of course he nipped the plant down to the root nub. My question, it will it grow back? Or should I just suck it up and replace it with a new sword? (The turtle has since been rehomed due to his destruction of...
  15. FishNturt808

    Super red bristlenose pleco

    I just picked one up to keep in my qt. Just a little guy at barely 1.5” long. Which, leads me to my excitement of the day.....I came home from work and of course had to check on the new fella. Which, couldn’t find it anywhere. Started lifting decorations to seem if it managed to get stuck...
  16. FishNturt808


    I feel like a proud papa, my jungle Val has sprouted its first shoot! I love how with this hobby these little accomplishments feel so huge!
  17. FishNturt808


    How do you know if you have too much current, not enough, just right?
  18. FishNturt808

    New light

    So I put a new light to brighten up a side of my tank, and now my BA tetras are spending a good amount of time under it surfing the glass. Now it is also where my main outtake is, so they could also be playing in the current, now that it’s brighter there they feel safer? Or less safe, hence the...
  19. FishNturt808

    Changing the scape

    So my newly built slate decor is ready to go in the tank, but I have to remove the old rocks to get them to fit right. Should I leave some of the old stuff in to keep my cycle from crashing?
  20. FishNturt808

    DIY slate aquascaping

    Has anyone used slate/shale pavers say from Home Depot? I’ve seen some vids on youtube of it being done, just breaking them up with a hammer and gluing them together. Just wanted to see if I can get some first hand experience and or pics.