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  1. AquaBaz

    Diy Decorations

    Hi there, I'm hoping you guys can help me out here. I have a 2ft tank and a 3.5ft tank that both have a very natural, river-bed-like appearance. But there isn't really much for fish to swim in and out and around if you know what I mean? What I am after is some materials that are aquarium safe...
  2. AquaBaz

    30 Plecos Under 8 Inches

    how about including price bands and lfs availability? Example: - PB: Hi/Med/Low/Budget - LFS: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Order. - Algae: Good eater, fair eater, hardly eats - Substrate: Sand, Gravel, Large gravel ect... Just some ideas. I'm going to try and get back a book I had recently which...
  3. AquaBaz

    Spotted Sailfin Pleco.

    that's a real shame, he really is a magnificent creature! I really am toying with the idea of grabbing a much a larger tank just to house this guy. I've become quite attached and don't want to let him go lol Specially when he comes up to the top to say hello!! Unless I find a really good home...
  4. AquaBaz

    Spotted Sailfin Pleco.

    Hi there, I was hoping for some help in deciding on what to do with a little (ahem) problem I have... I have a 13in long leopard sailfin pleco who has virtually outgrown his tank, he's comfy but I would rather he be in a tank where he's more than comfy! I am hoping to sell him to someone who...
  5. AquaBaz


    Hi there, here's an interesting one for you guys if you can answer it (I hope you can!) I recently adopted 2 (possibly male & female) Spanish Ribbed Newts. The tank they were kept in lacked a heated but the room they were in was reasonably warm so the water was usually around 20-22C. My...
  6. AquaBaz

    Has Anyone Heard Of Or Tried...

    Hey guys. Having recently started a fishless cycle in my 15G tank I decided I would try out some products I havent heard off before or seen in major shops (Now4Pets, Pets at Home ect.). I just wanted to get some opinions on one product which I have used and saw almost instant results from BUT...
  7. AquaBaz

    Guppy Breeding?

    you shouldnt really leave them in the breeder for 24 hours unless fry are born and certainly not any longer than 48hours! Unless they vanish off to a spot in the tank to be alone and secluded I wouldnt put them in the breeder at all. I just got some mollies and have been doing some serious...
  8. AquaBaz

    Diy Tank On A Budget! 120-200Ltrs?

    CraigsList? That's one I don't know... Freecycle I know and have asked for a large tank there but believe me when I say NOT A CHANCE! Especially if there's a "Offered: Tank" post... you can bet ya bottom dollar that it's been taken within 10minutes of the post! lol I got a tank from Gumtree by...
  9. AquaBaz

    Dalmation Molly Help

    how long has he been doing this? Is there a chance that he is resting? I've read numerous posts and such online that mollies sometimes just flop to the bottom so to speak and basically sleep (if you can call it that) throughout the day. (I've just got some mollies so been doing some hard...
  10. AquaBaz

    Need Tips On Catching Fry

    yeah a gravel vac to suck them up but also get a torch and shine it into the tank. Fry either swim towards it or away from it and then you can group them up and make it easier.
  11. AquaBaz

    Diy Tank On A Budget! 120-200Ltrs?

    Hi there, I figured I would post on here and pick your brains with regards to a DIY tank. I was recently refused permission to make my own (by the wife, grr!) due to costs. I was wondering if it is possible to build a tank on a very low budget? And if anyone has any ideas/plans/costings? I have...
  12. AquaBaz

    Tetras Stopped Eating Flakes

    a friend of mine told me that his tetras did this after he fed them on brine shrimp that he had hatched out. The tetras didn't eat the flakes (which they normally loved) for almost a week. Eventually they came round and started eating them again. Now he doesn't feed them for 2 days before he...
  13. AquaBaz

    How Do I Lower My Ph?

    I'm not sure but if I'm correct (and it helps keep the water bills down) but a water butt left to stand mixed with some tap water (40/60) should lower them down right? Obviously not wanting to lower the hardness too much that it cause too much flux in the PH levels... But I'm pretty sure that...
  14. AquaBaz

    Totally New

    Hey and yes in a way I did, thanks for replying :) Also it was because you are in Devon and having only lived in Devon myself for 3 years, someone reasonably local with some experience would be helpful when it comes to knowing where to go for what if you see what I mean? Thanks again for...
  15. AquaBaz

    Red Tail Black Shark

    So without meaning to butt in on this thread again, does the filter still remove ammonium? It obviously shares very similar make up if it shows as ammonia right? So I would imagine the filter would sort it? Also Soloflux, if you are using that filter and getting the same ammonia levels day in...
  16. AquaBaz

    Totally New

    How do I PM ppl? I had a look at the two members listed as donators of mature media for Devon East... but when I click on their profiles, where it says PM there is no link or anything. Not sure how I can do it. Would love to be able to get my hands on some mature media for this new filter! And...
  17. AquaBaz

    Red Tail Black Shark

    yeah thats what I meant lol ammonium. Handy to know in future!
  18. AquaBaz

    Totally New

    hey thanks for the advice there guys. Just what I'm in need of! The wife just looked on boots site to see I was right saying boots had it lol It's 9.5% w/w whatever the w/w stands for... I do have the api test kit as well :P I didnt realise the beneficial bacteria would survive that long, I...
  19. AquaBaz

    Coffee Table Tank

    Love the idea! Even the 3ft one looks cool enough if you could find a cleaner way of making the top look like it belongs there. Good luck with this! I will be reading this constantly waiting for more updates! P.S, reading this thread has helped solve an issue of mine as well... I don't have...
  20. AquaBaz

    Totally New

    If the filter is second hand, I am right in thinking the filter is as useless as a brand new filter because it was out of the water for just under a day before I put it back in water...? If I am right, this means the bacteria is dead correct?