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  1. kwi

    How to extend cabling

    The safest way is to replace the whole length of cable. Do not use anything lighter than what was originally used. Alternatively you can wire in Wieland connectors. (A type of connection used a lot in IT.) The are also connection blocks that have an exterior case, some have a gel to make them...
  2. kwi

    That's a relief....

    Funny his throat has only flashed this morning, it usually does for a day or two after water changes though, and he's made bubble nests in the past with no issues, though I think I need to remove some Sylvania, its taking over a touch. Give a bit more room at the surface
  3. kwi

    That's a relief....

    Was away with work a lot the last two weeks, lost a chili rasbora while away, it was found rather quickly and removed as it was stuck to the filter intake. Any ways I get back and do a large water change and settle to watch the fish, only where are they all? The Chilis had retreated to the back...
  4. kwi

    What Should I Do For Work?

    Be aware a lot of big companies are moving to competency based interviews, these are a bit more involved but you usually get a sheet telling you what competencies they are looking for so you can prepare. You usually have to give personal examples of having done a task and need to retell it in...
  5. kwi

    What Should I Do For Work?

    Even going for interviews is good experience, and the more you go to the less nervous you will be.
  6. kwi

    What Should I Do For Work?

    Tips in the UK aren't what they are in the US. When I worked in a bar we pooled our tips and used them towards a night out 2-3 times a year, usually around the £150 mark so £300 to £450 a year between all of us.
  7. kwi

    Angel fish

    Large water change firstly.
  8. kwi

    Rasbora or danio?

    A dozen.
  9. kwi

    Rasbora or danio?

    Chilis are smaller than galaxy and not as timid, develop a lovely red colour too and are quite striking. My Chilis come to the front of the tank at feeding time, the pygmy cory and honey gourami don't.
  10. kwi

    strange bubbles on water

    What fish do you have? Some fish breath at the surface, some build bubble nests. To be fair that is a really awful picture to go by.
  11. kwi

    Looking for Cory Hastatus

    Probably not a good idea, and overnight would be stupidly expensive.
  12. kwi

    Looking for Cory Hastatus

    Exotic Aquatics in Belfast had some when I was last in. I believe they're starting to offer a mail order service but with the Brexit restrictions/checks it might not work.
  13. kwi

    How often water changes

    I do 75-80% weekly.
  14. kwi

    What Should I Do For Work?

    @Lajos_Detari While it is nice you have your faith it is your faith and sharing such should be kept in the same realm as politics on a forum about keeping fish. Especially when considering the harm that "men of faith" have done through history.
  15. kwi

    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    Actually they will order fish, they have a list of what they can get and don't display everything.
  16. kwi

    Fluval U4 - How often should you change the sponges?

    Only when they fall apart, those both contain carbon which isn't really needed so can be replaced with just sponge. The filter media is where most of your nitrifying bacteria live and it's not a great idea to get rid of a chunk of those. Just swill them out in tank water every now and then to...
  17. kwi

    Ask Questions About Cycling

    Not sure what strength Dr Tims is but the dosing rate on the bottle takes you to 2ppm so add 1/2 again if you are following the sites cycling guide. IIRC the bottle tells you how big a drop is so you can work out an actual amount rather than counting drops.
  18. kwi

    Help!! Why are my fish staying at the surface?!

    You're getting answers on your identical thread here.
  19. kwi

    Why are all my fish staying at the surface?

    Ammonia and Nitrite should read 0, if they ever don't it's water change time. Did you quarantine your new stock before adding them?
  20. kwi

    PheonixKingZ Interview.

    If you grind up the paracetemol and go to a dodgy club........