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  1. DancingBetta

    Gh and what kind of fish

    Hello! So after a very long time searching on my water supplier’s website, I finally found the Gh of my water. And no, it was not located in the article about aquarium fish and cycling, where it should have been. Anyway, my Gh is about 80 ppm. What sort of fish can live in that? Thanks.
  2. DancingBetta


    Hi everyone! So I’ve been doing a bunch of research on Oscars. I have been considering getting one (more like trying to convince my family that “it’s just one more tank”). But I have a few questions. First off, from what I've read, they’re perfectly happy on their own. Is that true? Or do they...
  3. DancingBetta

    Why do people do this to fish?

    Hi everyone! So, my art teacher has a betta in a bowl. I brought her a nice five gallon for said betta. I learned today that she’s keeping the betta in the bowl and getting “a few goldfish” for the five gallon. Whyyyy?
  4. DancingBetta

    Do I need to quarantine my mystery snail?

    Hi everyone. I have one mystery snail in my forty gallon tank, but the guppies are constantly trying to eat her. I want to move the snail to a new tank. I don’t want/don’t have room to set up a new tank just for the snail. I’m planning on putting her with my betta, but do I need to quarantine...
  5. DancingBetta

    New Betta Tank

    I set up a 10 gallon tank and got a betta. His name is Zym. (From the Dragon Prince tv show)
  6. DancingBetta

    Gravel for cories?

    Hi everyone! I am going to redo my tank soon. The substrate is CaribSea supernaturals sand. I think it would be nice to make a path in the tank. Is there a gravel I can use that won’t damage my cories’ barbels? Or is there a dark colored sand that is safe? Really any darker substrate would be fine.
  7. DancingBetta

    Bettas with other fishies

    Hello! I was at the pet store, looking at bettas for fun, when I realized how much I missed having them. I’m planning on redoing my tank and getting rid of some fish. I’ll keep my favorites: a BN pleco, a Siamese algae eater, and a mystery snail. It’s a 40 gallon tank. So... I started wondering...
  8. DancingBetta


    I got a puppy! His name is Edmund. He’s a sweet 11 week old bernedoodle.
  9. DancingBetta

    Cory Cat red

    My Cory cat is missing a barbel, the area is red, and his stomach is red.
  10. DancingBetta

    Fish harassing mystery snail

    Hi everyone! I have three mystery snails, and one, named Randall, is being... attacked? By my fish. The guppies nip the snail’s antenna thingies. What really worries me is that my Siamese algae eater, Count Olaf, is algae eating the shell and rim of the shell of the snail. Should I put the...
  11. DancingBetta

    Stocking ideas for 40 gallon

    Hi everyone! I have a forty gallon acrylic aquarium, 39 x 21 x 18.5 inches. In the aquarium is a BN pleco, six Cory cats, three mystery snails, a Siamese algae eater, and a few baby guppies who I will put in a different tank before getting new fish. (I hope this isn’t overstocked) So, assuming I...
  12. DancingBetta

    Betta Sorority

    Hi everyone! I’m thinking of doing a betta sorority. I know some people have bad experiences, but I’m willing to give it a shot. My LFS has some female bettas in a sorority, they are all very peaceful. So I figured if they already live together, they won’t fight too much. What do you think...
  13. DancingBetta

    Goldfish Sick

    My goldfish is lying on the bottom of his tank. He seems to be missing some scales. He was acting fine yesterday. He started swimming around when I come close, but lays back down when I leave. Please help.
  14. DancingBetta

    A new addition

    I adopted a dwarf hamster today! His name is Yoshi!
  15. DancingBetta

    What fish am I? I’m a Cory cat! Yay! What fish are you?
  16. DancingBetta

    What type of goldfish?

    Hi everyone! Just wondering, what type of goldfish is this? I believe he’s a fantail, what do you think?
  17. DancingBetta

    I redid my tank!!!

    Star Wars style! With my new fancy goldfish, Finn. (I can’t resist a good pun) more plants are on their way, so it will look more forest-like
  18. DancingBetta


    One of my cories is breathing rapidly, one of his barbels is red, and his mouth seems to be at a weird angle.
  19. DancingBetta

    Legos in fish tank?

    Hi everyone! I read that LEGOs could go in fish tanks. In the future I want a Star Wars themed tank (because Star Wars) but there isn’t a lot of decor for it. If I cleaned it a bunch, glued the pieces together, anchored it to the ground, and filed sharp edges, would it be ok?
  20. DancingBetta

    Something very wrong with my tank!

    Hi everyone! I got some new fish about a week ago. It is a 20 gallon tank with zero ammonia, zero nitrites, zero nitrates, and 7.5 ph. I should have quarantined the fish, I will do that in the future. In the past week, six fish have died. Three harlequin rasboras, two Cory cats, and a betta...