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  1. micko

    Anyone Want To Rant? About Anything? I Do.

    Hey MBOU. No, just came for a wee nosey the other day, haven't been on for a long time. Hope everything is good with you. And that is one of the many reasons I love Carl Rogers' work.
  2. micko

    Aqua One Aquanano 40

    I'd have went for the first one myself.
  3. micko

    Where Are These Planaria Coming From?

    Use a product called 'No Planaria'. Its apparently very good and safe for shrimp. If you didn't want to try this I'd suggest taking all your substrate out and giving it a blast with a steam cleaner. Either way will kill them off but the latter is more work. Good luck.
  4. micko

    Bristlenose Eggs - Are They In Danger?

    Shouldn't be any issue. As said above, they're great parents and will look after them well.
  5. micko

    Bristlenose Fry

    They should be fine. Mine always spawned in with other, more aggressive fish.
  6. micko

    Anyone Want To Rant? About Anything? I Do.

    RANT. What's the deal with this horrible weather? This G8 circus is doing my head in. The amount of security here is mental. Kids....... Women...... People...... Uuuugh!!!
  7. micko

    Four Foot Tanks X8 With Racking, Filters, Heaters, Bogwood Etc

    no bogwood left but I can get some cheap in a few weeks if you're interested?   CO2 kit includes reg solenoid black tubing needle valve bubble counter non return valve gush diffusor gush drop checker     I will clean up this thread next time i'm on. my apologies.
  8. micko

    Four Foot Tanks X8 With Racking, Filters, Heaters, Bogwood Etc

    Make me a sensible offer Deathy. Sorry Jojouk, would rather it went as one.
  9. micko

    Four Foot Tanks X8 With Racking, Filters, Heaters, Bogwood Etc

    Sorry, I'd kinda forgot I'd posted this here. Most of the stuff is away. Still have a few bits like the CO2 set up, complete. One external, a few air pumps. I'm sure there is some other stuff laying around too though so will edit what's available and what isn't when I get on the laptop...
  10. micko

    Anyone Want To Rant? About Anything? I Do.

    Me, I hate all that Family Guy stuff, I just don't understand it. Same goes for South Park or anything like that. Aaaaanyways, I've been away for a wee while again and see the forum is changed again. I'm not sure where to look on the page and what I'm looking for. Why change stuff?
  11. micko

    Four Foot Tanks X8 With Racking, Filters, Heaters, Bogwood Etc

    Selling quite a bit of stuff. 4ft tanks (8) all on racking. Made my Clearseal. No marks or scratches. 12 starter units 1 4ft Luminaire with 2x150w halide bulbs. 12, Possibly more, heaters of various makes and watts from 50-300w Two APS 2000LPH externals Various internal filters. Think there's...
  12. micko

    Anyone Want To Rant? About Anything? I Do.

    Don't play your music so late it sends my dogs mad. I WILL play music loud early tomorrow morning and possibly use a few power tools too. Quoting 20 full posts on here is annoying, I agree. You don't need to quote the entire topic. Reading some posts on here would depress a whole 200mg of...
  13. micko

    Hairgrass Or Any Other Grasses Wanted.

    Plants: wanted any grasses. Age and condition: ? Quantity for sale: N/A Reason for Sale: N/A Delivery or Collection: Both Sales price: N/A Postage & Packaging: N/A Location: magherafelt. Photograph: N/A On the look out for some grasses as in the topic. May swap some of my crypts if you're...
  14. micko

    Anyone Want To Rant? About Anything? I Do.

    Well, I took a wee break from the forum, come back and it seems to have all changed, bickering etc. Won't ask as to what has happened as I don't really want 100 telling me all different versions. Maybe I should go again....
  15. micko

    Cheap Option For Co2?

    The Green Machine, Aqua Essentials or one of those companies were selling a reg and solenoid combined for a little under £100 a while ago. EDIT. Just looked on AE and TGM and they don't have any suitable for a FE. Will try and look for you. Ebay is OK but when dealing with companies that are...
  16. micko

    Need A New Camera. Idea's?

    I settled with a second-hand Canon 1100d. It came with various different lenses, spare batteries, stand, travel bags and this and that. Just installed all the software on the PC. Its not a bad camera and had barely been used. I know the person who had it before and found out they were selling...
  17. micko

    100% Water Change

    The death of your guppies could well be down to your betta. They really shouldn't be housed together as the betta will attack them due to their long fins (or anything else with long fins) A lot of your stock would need to be increased as most species of tetra and barb really need to be in...
  18. micko

    Changing To Dirt Substrate ?

    I've seen various Youtube videos of this being done and some have used soil from their garden and some say use a proper compost- John Innes number 3, others use compost from their compost bin. This will of course be dependant on what you put into your compost bin and be dependant on whether you...
  19. micko

    Anyone Want To Rant? About Anything? I Do.

    I cannot believe it myself. We're supposed to have trust in the law, can you see why I don't?
  20. micko

    Happy Independance To Our Usa Friends....

    Alm0stAwesome lives in England Ludwig so I doubt they'll be having the day off there. My grandparents are 65 years married today. Happy independance day to all those who celebrate it.