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  1. emeraldking

    My guppy fry has a big tummy

    Maybe they're just well fed...
  2. emeraldking

    New Platy Fish

    1.) Both are hifin platies. The spotted one is a pepper & salt platy and the other one is a orange wagtail platy. They're not a mix of X.maculatus x X.variatus. These are just Xiphophorus maculatus. So, Maculatus platies. 2.) Both seem pregnant. 3.) Both seem healthy. 4.) As long as you...
  3. emeraldking

    Moving house and my lovely Corner tank and fish must go

    Well people, are there more who are interested in this tank with fish? And of course to a good home. For the topic poster seems to have insufficient place to set it all up again.
  4. emeraldking


    Thought my laptop was doing something weird but you've got a long and a short post at the same time... Anyhow, welcome to TFF... :)
  5. emeraldking


    Welcome to TFF and I'll take a peek at your YT channel...
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    I love this remark! We've got different ages overhere. The more , the merrier... So, welcome to TFF... :)
  7. emeraldking

    Back to fish-keeping, after 50 years!

    Welcome back to the hobby, I'd like to say... And also welcome to TFF... :)
  8. emeraldking

    Intro post ... New and learning

    Welcome to TFF, Amy... That betta is stunning... Sorry that you've lost him...
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    A warm welcome to TFF. Is the oscar in a different tank than the other fish? For it's a big one...
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    Not a discus owner. But I have been in the past. And welcome to TFF... :)
  11. emeraldking

    Hi guys

    Great to have you aboard... Would be nice if you'd post some pictures of your tank and fish...
  12. emeraldking

    New member, Neon tetra disease

    Firstly welcome overhere. Secondly, when I read your first post, it sounds more logical to treat the whole tank.
  13. emeraldking

    Diving Back In

    Welcome overhere and there are sufficient knowledgeable members overhere within the field of cichlids.
  14. emeraldking

    A Pointless thread ;)

    A warm welcome, Chris. And I wouldn't call your post a pointless thread. We're all here to help and learn from another.
  15. emeraldking

    Cardinal endlers

    There are already so many hybrid strains available. But yes, the cardinal endlers are one of the more attractive hybrid strains there are.
  16. emeraldking

    Sick guppie?

    If it's what I think it is, it can still last for a while. But at some point it will die. Sometimes it does happen overhere as well. And I'm still amazed how long they can last. For me it's important that they're still able to eat independently. If that's the case, I'll leave them alone. If...
  17. emeraldking

    Sick guppie?

    This happens also when there's a problem with its brain. If that's the case, it remain like this and there's no cure for that.
  18. emeraldking

    Questions about the 2 different species of platies, will they shoal together?

    You're saying a bit of the opposite of what I've said. They don't have to be kept at higher temperatures. Most montezumae swords available, are captive bred specimens. But it's a wild form. The color and pattern type "may say something" if a Variatus platy is a pure Variatus platy or not...
  19. emeraldking

    Fry in tank with no substrate or plants

    One kind of sphere does look sharp, because of the pointy leafs. But they're actually quite soft. I had no problems thusfar. And I'm using them already for years in certain tanks. True but they're actually really soft.
  20. emeraldking

    Fish behavior confusing me? Any help?

    She does look squared off. Most of the time, it's a signal that she's close. But being a molly, she "can" even get bigger before she's due. So, that's always tricky with mollies.