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  1. HoldenOn

    Bit of a disaster.

    Hey all, I used to be a real active user but I got super busy with school and other stuff. Long story short my attention got pulled from this site AND my fish tank. I try and do water changes but it ends up only happening every 2 or 3 weeks. I know, it's bad. I've kinda gotten my life under...
  2. HoldenOn

    New bolivian ram

    Hey all, I just finished off the stock in my 29 with a male bolivian ram. He's super pretty, I'll attach photos soon!
  3. HoldenOn

    help :/

    Hey all, So I made a thread about taking in a rainbow shark. The friend still wants to give it to me but without the tank. So I will have a close to full grown rainbow shark in a 30 G sharing it's space with 5 corydoras. I don't know if it is better to have it in the smaller tank with clean...
  4. HoldenOn

    taking in a redtail

    Hey all, My friend has a fully grown red tail shark that they no longer wish to care for. They offered me the tank as well, but I was wondering if the fish would be fine in a 30 gal community with black skirts and corydoras. Thanks!
  5. HoldenOn

    He messed up :(

    Hey all, I have a couple friends who originally got me into fish, one of them in particular. As I learnt more and more I was impressed with how well balanced their stocking and plant life was. Then I saw they had clown loach. It had been hiding for a while, keep in mind this is a 40 g bow. What...
  6. HoldenOn

    10 gallon parosphromenus deissneri breeder

    Hey all, I'm going to change my 10 gallon QT tank into a breeder for liquorice gourami. It is likely that these are being sold as deissneri but are actually a different variant as there are very few true parosphromenus deissneri available for purchase. That being said this thread will still...
  7. HoldenOn

    How would y'all do this?

    Hey all, I like ponds. I want to make a pond. A cichlid pond. How would you guys do this cost effectively and safely?
  8. HoldenOn

    draft deleted

    I had a really big thread that took several drafts to make, and I came back to post it and it's gone. Any idea why?
  9. HoldenOn

    Poll for the 10 gallon fish

    1. Betta imbellis ^ Probably the easiest of the 3 to keep. 2. Parosphromenus deissneri ^ Fun fish, would likely breed and rear babies. Similar to sparkling gourami. 3. Sphaerichthys vaillanti ^ The hardest of the three to keep. I would have to get 4 or 5 as the species is somewhat gregarious...
  10. HoldenOn

    10g blackwater nano

    Hey all! I'm going to get a 10 gallon QT, and once I'm done stocking my 29 it will turn into a little nano planted setup! I want to go the whole 9 yards on this one. I've learned a little bit about aquascaping, stocking, etc. It's going to be extremely soft water (RO and peat) to mimc a...
  11. HoldenOn

    mom made pie

    mom made pie :) ill show you guys soon :)
  12. HoldenOn


    Hey all, I need a heater asap. My tank water is getting cooold because it decided to snow here in Texas. Is the Fluval E good? What wattage should I get for a 29? @Ch4rlie @seangee @The Lumpfish Guy
  13. HoldenOn

    lemon tetra

    Hey all, I want to get a shoal of lemon tetra, but I fear they may be outcompeted by my black skirts. Any ideas?
  14. HoldenOn

    QT tank

    Hey all, About time I got a quarantine tank. Want to avoid another parasite problem :). Anyways, I was thinking a 10 gallon, but I also am getting a pair of apistos and I'm worried it would be too small. I added some media in my filter so I can instantly cycle the new tank, and I'll probably end...
  15. HoldenOn


    Hey all, Took in a practically dead dog. Anyone know anything about dog sickness? I'll post a picture after it's settled down.
  16. HoldenOn

    College and careers

    Hey all, I have to start preparing for college soon :/. I really didn't like anything at all till I started keeping fish and doing research on the way our tanks work. It's probably one of the most interesting things I can think of. Anyways, I was wondering what career paths there are in terms of...
  17. HoldenOn

    can it be done?

    Hey all, Is it possible to have a closed system (figure of speech) from a food standpoint? For example, having a brine shrimp colony in the main brackish tank, but for freshwater. This would be pretty cool imo, and I can't see any problems. Thanks in advance.
  18. HoldenOn

    Feeding brine shrimp

    Hey all, Got some brine shrimp from petsmart. They are the San Fransisco ones, if that means anything. Anyways, do I just break the square up and toss a piece in the tank? How much would you recommend for 10 black skirt tetras, and do I have to feed my corydoras with pellets, or will they get...
  19. HoldenOn

    hungry tetras

    Hey all, I feed my fish once a day, the tetras get flakes and the corydoras get sinking foods. At first all was well, the tetras stuck to the food, occasionally noticing or trying to get the sinking food. Now they have learned to get it off the substrate, meaning my corydoras aren't getting the...
  20. HoldenOn

    Buenos aires tetras

    Hey all, I want one last species of fish in my tank (if possible) and have looked at a variety of options. Apistogramma borellii and maybe some more tetra are what I've been most interested in. This is a lower southern american tank, and I saw some amazing looking buenos aires tetra at my LFS...