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  1. blinky000

    Fish Identification

    A while ago, I took a photo in a pet store of some fish I liked the look of so I could remember their name for when I had a free tank. Now I have a free tank, I've gone back to look at the photo and the stupid flash is covering the very bit of the name I need! I have to say, though, I question...
  2. blinky000

    Stocking Option For 14 Gal

    I'm soon going to have a planted 14 gal with only cherry shrimp in it and I've been trying to figure out what to put in there. I was thinking 5 kuhlis, 5 cherry barbs and maybe a krib, though I think 14 gals may be a bit small for a krib. What do you think? Aside from a betta sorority, killis...
  3. blinky000

    Long Term Tumour Care / Euth

    Hi everyone. It's been a while since I've posted on here. All my boys are still doing great except for the legendary Steve. About 7 months ago, I noticed that his scales were kicking out on either side due to what I assume is a lump somewhere in the body cavity. He's gradually been going...
  4. blinky000

    Axolotls For Sale - Essex

    Livestock: Axolotls Quantity for sale: 2 wildtypes, 11 leucistics Reason for Sale: My babies are big enough to go to their forever homes Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sale price: £15 Location: Colchester For more info on how to keep axolotls, please visit my website here
  5. blinky000

    Update On The Babies

    Wow, it's been a while since I updated you guys on this! The not so little guys are doing really well. Some of them are just about ready to go to their new homes! Here's a few photos for you A few of the medium sized ones: I'm fairly sure this dark one is actually a melanoid. A genetic...
  6. blinky000

    What Lighting For This Setup?

    The light unit has busted in my 14 gal so I guess I have no choice but to buy myself a new one! I've been dying to get my tank done up properly for a while and now I finally have both the time and the money to do it. However, I have literally no idea what I'm doing when it comes to lighting...
  7. blinky000

    Dream Interpreations

    Since I work weird hours now, I have a nap in the afternoon and, my god, I have some wacky dreams during that nap. I never really think much of the meaning of dreams until it came to the one I just had but I just feel like it holds some kind of significance. Let me start by explaining a dream I...
  8. blinky000

    Shipping Livestock

    I know a lot of members of this forum ship various animals and I wanted to know who you use. I'm completely new to the world of animal distribution but a pet shop has asked if I will be able to ship some axolotls and I have absolutely no idea! Do you have to go through a special courier service...
  9. blinky000

    Albino Cherry Shrimp?

    I've just noticed a newly hatched bunch of cherry shrimp that can't be more than a few hours old. However, I also noticed that one of these shrimp is pure white. Not a dash of red on it and put next to one of its siblings, it looks completely different. Is this some kind of genetic throwback...
  10. blinky000

    Carpet Options

    I'm looking at getting a carpet going in my 14gal since I am just sick to death of constantly looking at muck on top of the sand. Ideally I'd prefer to have something broader leafed, though I had been looking at hairgrass. I really need this to be a low budget carpet so no difficult plants and...
  11. blinky000

    Really Struggling To Treat Costia

    A few months ago, I had a costia infestation in my tank. The problem I've had is that I have some very sensitive critters in that tank and what treatment will kill the costia will also kill one or other of my inhabitants. I've been knocking the costia back every now and again with half doses of...
  12. blinky000

    Bailey, The Harlequin Axolotl

    About 6 weeks ago, I noticed Bailey was looking a little pale in places. I figured that because he was getting old, this was some kind of axolotl equivalent of liver spots. Then I thought it might be a side effect of an illness but upon further inspection, there was nothing wrong with him and...
  13. blinky000

    No Breeding From The Cherry Shrimp

    I've had my group of 10 cherries for about 2 months but I've yet to see any gravid females. They're such entertaining little creatures that I really want more but so far, I've had no luck. I know I've got a good mix of males and females, there's plenty of moss to hide in, the tank is plenty big...
  14. blinky000

    Koi For Sale In Devon

    Livestock: Koi and a few goldfish Quantity for sale: About 20 Reason for Sale: My friend's family are being kicked out of their home and are unable to take the fish with them. They are very well looked after, it's a massive shame she has to sell them Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales...
  15. blinky000

    Baby Axolotls

    Livestock: Axolotls: wildtypes, leucistics, golden albinos and white albinos available Quantity for sale: 100+ Reason for Sale: To spread the love :D Delivery or Collection: Both Sales price: £10 for 3 Postage & Packaging: £5 Location: Colchester
  16. blinky000

    First Axolotl Breeding Attempt In 5 Years!

    I've had a lot of interest from people asking when I'm going to breed my axolotls again and until recently, I had no plans to ever do it again but I've never been any good with peer pressure! :lol: I have a massive interest in genetics so I've worked out the genotypes of almost all of my...
  17. blinky000

    Corys And Formalin/malachite Green

    I'm starting to lose the battle with costia in my community tank. I've done two rounds of methylene blue to no avail and my betta in particular is really starting to look pretty miserable. I have some FMG have I've been researching if it'll be ok with all the inhabitants at a half dose. So far...
  18. blinky000

    Protozin And Cherry Shrimp

    A couple of months ago I had a costia infestation in my community tank that I diagnosed with my microscope (great piece of kit). The stock was as follows: 1 male betta 2 panda corys 2 otos Lots of pink ramshorns The only treatment I had that wouldn't hurt the corys was protozin at a half done...
  19. blinky000

    How To Kit Out The Project Tank

    So, I've decided to go for a teeny little scape to start with and see if I get the hang of that before I move onto some of the bigger tanks. The tank I have decided to start on is H: 32cm, L: 29.5cm, W: 19cm and I'd like an Iwagumi style scape ideally (I think something like George Farmer's...
  20. blinky000

    Who Couldn't Love This Face?

    This is my boy, Bailey. He's about 9 years old now but still smiling, as you can see! Such a gorgeous little face :)