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    Need advice

    Hello, thanks for the reply. I dosed with API Super ick cure
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    Need advice

    Hello everyone, I have a Red Devil that is very sick. I'm treating for ick, can you tell me if you think that is the issue. I have the heat set on 87, I added a air stone. I also dosed with API super ice cure. I would greatly appreciate any input
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    Name this Bichir

    Hey All, I was wondering if you could identify this Bichir. I bought it a week ago, and I'm trying to figure out it is. Thanks,
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    Aquarium canister filter

    Thanks for the reply, do you think the ehim pro 4 600, would work for my tank? Is it enough gph
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    Aquarium canister filter

    Hey guys. I just had a quick question, I'm looking to buy a canister filter for a 75 gallon aquarium housing piranhas. I was wondering what the best options are? I'm looking for something that is over 400 gph. Any opinions on the Aquatop forza canister filters? I was looking at that or...
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    What is this, any ideas

    Hello all, I have something going on in my tank, and I'm not sure what it is. I have little specks floating around. I thought it may be micro bubbles, but upon closer inspection they don't look like bubbles. Ive attached a few pics. Any ideas?
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    New plant, what is it?

    Hi all, I just bought some new floating plants and have no idea what they are. The people working at the aquarium store didn't know either. Can you guys let me know what they are please. I know the little ones are Amazon frogbit but what are the others
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    Help with cloudy aquarium

    Greeting everyone, I was wondering if you guys could help with my aquarium. Its a 65 gallon with one juvenile Texas Cichlid in it. Recently its been very very cloudy. I've tried water changes. I changed about 90% of the water but the cloudiness comes right back. I was wondering if you guys had...